Friday, December 31, 2010

better 2011

Well it ain't a huge secret that 2010 sucked ass, what with the thesis and everything, so all I want for the next year is for it to be better. Ways in which this could become possible:

I get a new, full-time job.

I get a job that pays me lots of money.

I just get lots of money. Any way, I don't care how.

My love life becomes a whole lot more inspiring.

I magically get my driver's licence.

And then someone magically buys me a car.

I go overseas! That would be rad. It has never happened before so I would quite like this to happen for me. Thanks, world.

I get more healthy.

I end up looking like one of these girls:

A couple of simple requests really. Maybe I'll just get drunk for most of it and then I won't notice if it sucks or not. Note: this is the most plausible outcome.


  1. You also want to hang out with me more. That is a plausible one, right? It also fits in well with the getting drunk one ;-)

  2. DEFINITELY plausible, definitely gonna happen. After all, I have no more thesis or uni work ever again. I believe the deal was lots of hang times after that shit was done with, yes? Yes.