Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stop slut-shaming Miley

And hop on the bandwagon before you realise you're the only one left. Seriously.

This is not a girl who is going off the rails. This is not a girl who is spiralling out of control. And most importantly, this is not one fucked up ex-Disney kid. In her own words, "it's a strategic hot mess."

But before I delve further and start ranting about my favourite topic lately, let's address the slut-shaming. Why, ladies? Because it's mostly you, judging by those I speak to. To be clear right off the bat, Liam Hemsworth, dreamy Australian dreamboat that he is, cheated on Miley. Apparently multiple times. He stepped out on her with January Jones right back in February and there are many,  many more rumours and blind items in gossip-land where that came from. Even Hollyscoop knows that if Lainey said it, that shit is true.

BUT ANYWAY, Miley likes to party. She is discovering her independence. SHE CUT HER HAIR. Well obviously I guess he HAD to cheat. Please. Trying to put the blame on Miley in this situation is bullshit.

And while we're talking about slut-shaming, in the time Miley was exclusively dating Liam Hemsworth, Taylor Swift publicly dated Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal (how could you Jakey?!), John fucking Mayer, Connor Kennedy and Harry Styles (that one still hurts). And those are just the ones we know about. Clearly, slut-shaming Miley is not actually about her being a slut but simply about aesthetic appeal, or lack thereof, according to the vapid masses (though even if she was banging 100 dudes a day, who gives a shit? Ladies we need to stop slut-shaming!)

Really though, she wasn't being 'prettyand sexy and that was the problem. Miley killed Hannah Montana so she's the devil and Taylor Swift apparently spends her free time making jam and continuing to remind you that big bad meanie Kanye West hurt her feelings and can therefore bang as many guys as she wants and still maintain her pristine reputation.

No, seriously:

I'd rather hang out with Miley any day of the week. She is funny, strangely unfiltered, and self-aware (as her SNL hosting gig would attest) and she's refreshingly honest for a celebrity. Especially one that has grown up in the public eye and should, by all intents and purposes, be a robot/incarcerated by now.

If you haven't seen the documentary 'The Movement', hurry up, it's fascinating viewing. It's glaringly obvious that this is somebody who is in control of her career and understands the importance of growing up with your audience in order to have any kind of longevity. Tellingly, her idol is Britney Spears. It was Britney that so successfully did what so many others could not (Christina, Avril, etc). She was one step ahead of her audience but they grew, even 'moved' with her. Miley gets it.

So it doesn't matter that she keeps you talking by dancing half naked and grinding up on Robin Thicke (who, of course, escaped any criticism after the VMAs despite being a middle-aged married man grinding up on a 20-year old girl, but hey, after the vile misogyny in his "Blurred Lines" vid, I guess I should just accept society is down with Robin Thicke and willing to give him a free pass). It just matters that you're talking about Miley.
"That's why I never complain about people wanting autographs or pictures. Because if there were a few days where no one asked, I'd probably be like, 'What the fuck's going on? Do people not like me?' I hate the paparazzi - but when they're not sitting there waiting for, you're like 'Who's bigger news? Who are you trying to get a picture of?'"
See? She gets it. Not all celebrities are that candid, but they're all the same and they're all playing the game.

And FINALLY. She has the talent to back it all up. I think she surprised a lot of people on Saturday night and I think she will continue to do so.

P.S. Read her Rolling Stone interview. Definitely worth ten minutes of your time.