Tuesday, December 29, 2009

next week's gossip girl episode. stat.

Ok, so a couple of months ago I watched the first five episodes of Gossip Girl S3 at my cousin's house so when it started showing on tv, I was a bit 'meh' about it all. But NEXT WEEK Fox 8 will finally catch up to me and show me a NEW EPISODE that I have yet to see. Excitement!!!

Although I did accidentally already see the gay kiss. It's the Gossip Girl facebook group's fault - they posted the clip ages ago and really, how am I supposed to resist?

Anyway I had some thoughts while watching tonight's ep where Lily and Rufus get married (I know, it's hard to believe I have thoughts during GG apart from "OMG CHUCK AND BLAIR - THE CUTE THE CUTE! I DIE!" etc), but here goes. I apologise in advance for the manic fangirling, I can't help it when talking of Gossip Girl.

- I LOVE Lily. She is a fierce bitch. She always looks immac (I die for those turquoise drop earrings with the purple dress), she is a total sweetie, I love her. She's actually become one of my favourite characters. No mean feat since my feelings for GG characters generally fall within 2 categories: LOVE LOVE LOVE, BRILLIANT, FIERCE/uuuuuuuugh HATE, STFU, and so on and so forth. Also, the latter group contains the vast majority of all the characters.

- Loving how Chuck and Blair are so awesome with each other. While I always knew this would be the case, some naysayers (my dad) thought that when they finally got together it would ruin the spark/chemistry. WRONG. Plus, my heart totally races and threatens combustion whenever Chuck says "I love you" so casually in passing. Chills.

- Vanessa's ugly.

- So is Jenny.

- And Georgina is gross. She has chub arms, overracts, and has crazy eyes. ALTHOUGH her hair is amahzing.

- Finally, a note to the writers. I get that Chuck and Blair are so obviously mind-blowingly incredible but I really want y'all to up your game when writing for the other shitter characters. They are already shit, at least try and help 'em out a bit rather than emphasizing their roles as the shit side gag. Shit.

- Also, strop trying to make Serena happen, she's not going to happen.

My fave scene, ever.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

traditional christmas

Another Christmas has come and gone. The pope got tackled (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpDffQJjm9c), it was mildly cold, it rained, and I got few gifts. I sound ungrateful and I know it. However, JUST ONCE I would like to experience a traditional Christmas.

The kind of Christmas I imagine millions of people around the world experience. USUALLY in Australia (not yesterday though) it is blisteringly hot and sunny and we enjoy lots of champagne and seafood. But yesterday the weather was crap and I had like, one present to open on Christmas morning, so the whole day felt a bit...off kilter. Not BAD, just not like Christmas (actually it was a rather fun day).

Basically, what I am trying to say is that it is my dream to one day experience the kind of Christmas that involves:

Hmm. Maybe I'll marry an English dude. HEY RPATTZ WANT MY NUMBER?

P.S. My lacklustre mood has not been alleviated since watching THS specials for Heath Ledger and Natasha Richardson. The Heath one I have seen before but as with anything related to him, it really bummed me out.

P.P.S. I think I am becoming dyslexic. Writing this blog took foreverrr. I have never found it so hard to type, ever. Every second word had a typo - forgive me if I haven't fixed some.

P.P.P.S. Here's to a Happy New Year x

Monday, December 21, 2009

i can has magazine subscriptions?

Dang. I think I really need someone to start buying me magazine subscriptions. It is getting just too expensive to finance my habit. A few years ago I calculated that I spend $1500 a year on average on magazines.

But that was like three years ago, and since then Grazia has entered my world, not to mention Famous and Nylon. Those mags alone cost $6, $3.50 and $8, respectively. In one year that totals $590 alone. Add to that Bazaar (UK and Aus), Vogue (UK and Aus), Who, NW, Ok, Russh, In Style, Frankie, Yen etc etc...you see my problem.

I know I need to cut down. I know that is excessive. And when you consider stealing some of your boss' work money to buy a magazine, that is sick (I didn't though). But I just can't stop! Nothing makes me happier than lying on my bed, listening to 'Sainthood', 80s trash pop, or Kanye West, and reading a magazine. NOTHING!

Cutting back on magazines would be cutting back on life. Without gossip, without fashion, without celebrities - I couldn't breathe. I neeeeeed the magazine world to make me feel connected to the rest of the world. I want (need) a job where this shit is tax deductible.

P.S. You know what else? I HAVE to continue this habit of immersing myself in magazines because who else is going to inform the people on my life on celebrity news? I am the one that corrects false celeb gossip. I discern the fact from fiction simply by reading copious amounts of magazines in association with celeb blogs. People DEPEND on me to be a font of knowledge.

Monday, December 7, 2009

pretty, material shit I want

Sigh. So, I got a wicked load of money for my 21st birthday, and I know I'm supposed to save it properly and use it for Europe or something. It's a substantial amount of money and I should be able to do this. And yet, I could drop it all in like a day. Do you know how much amazing shit is out there? From jewellery to shoes and shoes to bags... I just die.

Aside from the obvious (Chanel bag, iPhone, Louboutins) here's some more stuff I would like to spend my (not very) hard earned money on:

Tabitha Simmons 'Lee' boots

Vivienne Westwood necklace

Giles and Brother bracelet

Burberry necklace

Marni necklace

McQueen bag. Have I already included this before? Whatever, I haven't got it yet and I STILL want it. So there.

Not to mention the things I actually NEED: Like a new swimming costume and craploads of Summer dresses for our upcoming holiday in Broadbeach (why yes, we are in the Penthouse and yes, it is 150m from the beach). Also, I want to organise a trip to Glebe markets and the Magazine Shop in Newtown (because, really, what more could I want out of life? Aside from all of the above, obviously). Maybe I will go this Saturday. You know, just to check it out. Not spend all my money. Just some.

P.S. Ok, I'm not gonna lie - I have already dipped in to my new savings balance. I bought Ray Ban Wayfarers as well as tortoiseshell Clubmasters. They are so pretty. And plus, I deserved BOTH pairs as my old wayfarers weer cruelly STOLEN from me. It is basic karma. Or something.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

FOAM not phone party

Oh hay guys. Just wanted everyone to know that I went out and celebrated my birthday again last night, and apart from dealing with the reality of losers who r.s.v.p-d and did not turn up, it was great! Cocktails were had, beautiful people were there, and I did not vom. All in all, it was a good night.

I even wore my sparkly blue vest/cape thing. Oh, how it sparkled.

However, as I get older, birthdays just become more stressful. I used to love my birthdays and looked forward to them all year basically. Now, though, it's just too anxiety-ridden. I constantly worry whether people are having fun and whether I am being a re-tard. I want that old blissful ignorance back where I revel in my own brilliance at surviving another year and celebrating it. Oh wells. 21 is over, all remaining birthdays are pointless anyway.

Oh one more thing. I want to share with you all the brilliant gift I received last night. Since I once proclaimed I would never attend a foam party (it wrecks your hair, makeup AND clothes!) Rosie brought the foam party to me - in a box. Yes, foam. In. A. Box. Talk about effort. And now I can say I've been to a foam party (not a phone party as everyone thought I was saying)! And it was fun x

Friday, December 4, 2009

gay marriage.

I'll never articulate myself better than Senator Diane Savino. So here are her thoughts on gay marriage.

How can a bill be passed twice in NY only to be voted on for a third time which overrides the first two? How is that possible? NY, America, world, get your act together and make this shit not only legal but binding and definitive.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

say hello to your friends!

I want someone to do this with:

I want alllll the episodes of the BSC, although barneysbobbyboy is giving my fix of a few eps on youtube right now. Sadly, when growing up I only acquired Stacey's Big Break and Dawn's Dream Boy on VHS. The quest for more continues.

I also want all the BSC books, plus of course, the Sweet Valley University books. These were like, my absolute all-time favourite things growing up and as a 21 year old I am happy to say the love still remains. If you ever spot any around peeps, holla at me I will buy that shit off you.