Friday, December 17, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal

If you know me AT ALL or even just read my blog you know that Jakey G is my main man. My number 1. My future life partner and father of my babies. He is therefore the only suitable topic for my 100TH POST!!!

So I watched 'Love and Other Drugs' on Thursday, the opening day. After meeting him last week, and experiencing my love grow for him over the last year, watching the movie was the damn buttercream icing on the motherfucking cake. Seriously, it's like someone let me concoct the perfect movie for him to be in. He is naked (a LOT - but not as much as people have been going on about it...certainly not for 65% of the movie LIARS), he is sexy at all times and he is so so soooo charming and witty and funny and goofy but sexy and smug at the same time. Also, his laugh.

Below I have compiled a bunch of my favourite pictures and interviews that I believe encapsulate That Thing that Jake has. I hope you see it too. Now excuse me while I get my quiver on. Sidenote: PLEASE tune in for at least some of the interviews at the end. These vids exhibit charm that will make your pants evaporate, they are THAT. GOOD. And I'm warning you, your daily productivity may be turned to shit. But first, enjoy the pic porn.

Reasons why I love Jake by use of visual aids:

He is the sex

He loves his family and is very family-oriented (he will be a great father to our babies)

He looks like he would be a GREAT boyfriend

He is very sexy, yes, but he is also an adorable goofball

He's a snappy dresser even when he's not on the red carpet

'Love and Other Drugs' is the perfect goddamn movie. GO.

And now, the interviews! Enjoy x

Jake Gyllenhaal gets full grilling (on his name)

Max 60 seconds interview with Anne Hathaway

This whole video is a highlight. Do yourself a favour and watch it. There's sex talk. Sigh. This video has the ability to ruin an entire day's productivity for me. Lucky it didn't exist during thesis time. Also, watch the one where he interviews Annie as well. It's cute.

Moviefone Unscripted (with Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman)

Highlight: 3:58, 4:25 (The Spiderman story), 5:50 (the merkin...enjoy the visual), 8:45 (THE VEGAN WARS!!! So much adorableness - "this is what vegans talk about!"). Okay, so the whole thing is a highlight.

David Letterman

Highlight: 1:20 (Jake Gooberballs story. Yes man.) Such a good storyteller.

The Ellen Degeneres Show

Watch him squirm, talking about taking his shirt off. Meanwhile everyone is like FUCK YES, PLEASE. But now you can just watch 'LAOD'!

Extra Interview (with Annie)

The whole thing is a highlight, again. Shows his gentlemanly side also. Lady quiver. Especially when he whips his hair back and forth.

Jimmy Kimmel

Highlights (apart from how damn handsome he looks): 2:40 (talking about Russia), 3:39 (photobombing).

Jakey singing!!!

Jake on 'The Hour'

REALLY GOOD ONE. Especially 10:00 (in fact, skip to there if you want, when he talks about his old band and why he got kicked out).

Part 2 of Jake's Letterman Nov 2010 interview

Highlight: from 1:00 where they are talking about nakedity and "looking for holes in her defensive end".

Voila! That is why I love Jake Gyllenhaal.

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