Wednesday, December 21, 2011


AM I TOO LATE? Gosh, I hope not. This is my Xmas wishlist, please feel free to get me any or all of these things, I don't even care if it's a belated prezzie (my fault for not telling you in time, I know).

Anyway, here goes. Things I would quite like to receive on Sunday include but are not limited to:

A nice pen. I've been using shitty Papermate ones for the last 5 years (poor uni student) and I think if I get a real proper pen I will seem more like an adult. Also, maybe then I won't need to use ten million crappy cheap pens a week.

A Bobbi Brown bronzer brush. I've been using a sub-par cheap bronzer brush for a while now, because bronzer was never a huge part of my life, but I'm starting to realise the brush would make such a significant difference to the application. And BB always has the best brushes.

Gift vouchers! I loooove buying stuff myself, so if you ever worry that buying someone a gift voucher is impersonal and tacky THINK AGAIN. Gift vouchers are the shit. They're like play money! And you can get whatever you want! No false enthusiasm here. I would specifically like a JB Hi Fi one as there is a shit-tonne of dvd-buying I need to do. I actually think I might be getting this gift. If my mum has not picked up on the hints by now, well, we have bigger issues to worry about then.

Jewelleryyyyy! (OR, failing that, you know, maybe a specific jewellery-buying person would be nice too?) I have been on the hunt for a pretty, girly simple gold ring for a while now and I still haven't committed to anything. To go with the girly, delicate ring I'm also thinking a girly, delicate bracelet might be nice? And some PLAIN, SIMPLE, TINY gold studs. Jesus ass-balls these have been hard to find. Some inspiration:

Monica Vader

Made her Think (but in gold)

Daisy Knights (ditto)

Elizabeth and James

Ginette NY

Tom Binns (ok, not really fitting in with the theme BUT THEY'RE AWESOME)

Jennifer Meyer (but in gold)

More jewellery! But this time, I'm looking for some fuck-off amazing statement pieces that you don't have to wear with anything else.


Erickson Beamon

Erickson Beamon




New officey type things. Read: a nice desk, more book shelves (reeaally running out of space to put all my books and stacking them on top of my headboard over my bed is getting very dangerous), a new comfy desk chair (the current one has had it), and a laptop. I swear, if this room that I am sitting in right now was more aesthetically pleasing, I bet I would write soooo much more. Which, by the way, I really need to be doing. And that includes this blog. I'm sorry I've sort of abandoned you for so long. More blogging is underway, I promise.

Things I do not need more of:
- Books. I have about 20 brand new books sitting on my shelves/headboard that I have yet to read since buying them over the last few years. I am also already getting some for Christmas. I'm set for books right now, thanks.
- Chocolates. I love working with kids because you get awesome presents, but really, that's enough chocolate. I should not be eating this stuff.
- Movie vouchers. Lucky me, I also received some movie vouchers from some awesome kiddies, so I'm set for these too. Yay.
- Candles. I love them, I do, but what with all the Diptyque ones I bought in New York and the few I've received from work people, I'm good now. This room smells great, even if it's blah.

Have a lovely holiday x

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a top-up

Apart from the general amazing beautiful-ness of New York, there are some very specific items NYC has to offer that make me desperate to return.

I'm talking, of course, about beauty products. Sweet mercy, being in Sydney and going shopping has become SUCH a depressing past-time. Even applying makeup is sad sad sad because I'm constantly stressing that all my fave prods are about to run out. And when they do, I don't know if I can afford to replace them or if they're even available here. New York, HLA, Zoe Foster (for all your recs throughout the Primped site) I curse you for making me addicted to the good shit. And by that I mean moisturiser.

 This is quite possibly my most favouritest product in ever. Clinique lid smoothies are cream eye shadows and they are awesome. I got this shade, 'Cashew Later' which is a lot lighter than it appears in the pic and I use it every single day. I also have a conniption every single day coz I never want it to end. It is sheer, it is shimmery and it acts as a perfect base for every single powder colour you can imagine as well as being positively delightful and all brightening-y all by itself (with some mascara). Magic product. However. While I purchased this in the US for $14.50 it retails in Australia for $42. Fucking hell.
 Laura Mercier product #1 that has changed my life: Secret Concealer. I had a moment when I was first using this revelatory product where I was all "ooh so that's what they mean when they say you should use a concealer that matches your actual skintone so you don't get scary white panda eyes that you thought concealer did which is why you never wore it" (they = everybody at, ever). In short, a creamy, true-to-your-skintone concealer is a hugely important thing to own (for the delicate under-eye area, after your foundation, which, incidentally you need a lot less of if you use it conjunction with a good concealer - everybody wins).
 Benefit's Posietint was on the wishlist for a while but could not face the thought of paying Australian moneyz on it ($53, compared with $23 US dollars), and strawberrynet does not always have a great range of Benefit products. Finally bought it at Sephora and it's as delightfully pretty as I hoped. But even better. I mainly use stains on my cheeks but this is one is such a soft, nice colour it looks really natural on the lips. This + Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in Pink Blossom is a lovely everyday look. Don't forget to apply this on your cheeks too. YOU LOOK PRETTY BABIN'. N.B. This is not a nail polish. Please don't try and put this on your nails (Huna).
 Another concealer?! Yep. A slightly waxier, less creamy one for blemishes (read: pimples and scars and such). Rub it on your finger a bit first and then voila, the perfect cover-up for face nasties (remember after foundation. I know, shocking).
 Oh hey, look, Cha Cha tint. A lot like Posietint but in a very summery, trendy, coral-orange shade. If you find stains too drying on your lips, this + NARS' Love Devotion sheer coral lippy works a treat.
 Laura Mercier product #2 that has also changed my life: Tinted Moisturiser. I hate tinted moisturiser. I find it makes you look greasy, provides no real coverage, looks greasy, does nothing and makes you look really, super greasy (Invisible Zinc, I'm looking at you). This one does not do that. This amazing stuff does not make you look greasy at all but instead leaves you looking all divine and slightly dewy and even provides pretty good coverage (nothing too hardcore though, this is not a full-coverage foundation). It's pretty great though if your skin is in semi-decent shape. Couple it with some concealer, and your summer makeup is covered.

I feel particularly sad writing about this running out, because I'm sure the day is coming soon. You see, because I was such a loyal customer at Sephora (read: spent a shittonne of money there on my FIRST DAY in NYC), I received a great free gift. This gift was a Laura Mercier mini sampler pack, which included this. I'm too scared to see how much a full-size tube costs in Australia. Probably a bazillion dollars.
Thank GOD I bought this on HLA's recommendation. After buying a tub to return home to her, I got one for myself as well and it's a good thing I did because the other moisturiser I bought for myself as my main day one made me break out (Estee Lauder's Dayware...not hypo-allergenic...stupid, stupid Aph) I have been using this for the past few days and learning to love myself again. This stuff has actually helped clear up the epic pimples I had last week (thanks to the OTHER moisturiser I was using) as well as rehydrating my skin. Now, if it was SPF too, this would be the perfect face product. Girls with sensitive skin, this one is for you.
 Benefit Watts Up. At $30 (US) this was like one of the most expensive makeup products I bought in NY (I know. I know.) and it almost didn't happen. One of my final purchases, this baby just made it to Oz by the skin of it's teeth and I'm glad it did. I've previously only ever used liquid highlighters (Moon Beam, High Beam, NP Set's Liquid Veil) and powders (Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks) but this stick highlighter is fabulous. I'm pretty much using it every single day. It makes you glowy (but not glittery shimmery), it's golden (but disappears into the skin leaving no specific 'colour' behind), and it's easily blendable (but doesn't make streaks in your foundation). Also, this one easily goes in my bag without the terror of possibly leaking everywhere. Yay!
 Bobbi Brown Retro Pink cream lipstick. This looks like a really bright candy pink but it isn't. It's more soft and sheer than it looks while still giving a nice bubblegum-y sheen to your lips. I'm not sure how else to describe it. It's incredibly flattering though.
 Sigh. Another Laura Mercier sampler I received. These 'Eye Basics' are incredible. The one I received was 'Wheat' and it is hands-down the best eye primer I have ever used. If you get creases in your eye makeup, or your eyelids are oily, or whatever, using this before you apply eye makeup cancels all that out. It's kind of amazing. Also, as you choose one that matches your skin tone, it also acts as a concealer as it conceals redness/capillaries/veins and creates a uniform base for all your eye prods! Genius! I'm obsessed! I use this every day too! (with the Clinique lid smoothie). Must must must purchase this as soon as I run out, some way, somehow.
 Laura Mercier product that has changed my life #89347608370673: Metallic Creme Eye Colour in 'Alloy' a delightful silvery, charcoaly, granitey, sort of mauvey tone. For the easiest smoky eye in ever, apply this + press on any of the above sort of colours in a powder form, add mascara and you're done. Too easy. Makes it look like you've done heaps more work than you have too. Love.
NARS illuminator in 'Orgasm'. Illuminators aren't usually coloured, they just sort of make you glow, but this one gives a nice sheer wash of colour too. Used in conjunction with the 'Orgasm' blush (which I also purchased) and you look beautiful and also like you've been having a really, really good time.

 Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye stuff. Previously have been surviving off free tiny samples of this, so I figured it was about time. Also, you know, so much cheaper in America. Der. Everybody knows this is great.
 Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimising Skin Refinisher. I'm kicking myself for only buying the small bottle of this, because it's divine. Minimises pores, smells really nice and makes your skin feel like a baby's butt when you wake up after your relaxing 8 hours  of beauty sleep (or 3, and then you're up for work, whatever).
 Advanced Night Repair Serum! I am so happy to finally have you in my life in a giant, proper bottle and not a teeny sample! You are just as great as I remember! I love youuu! Let's get married??? But only if you miraculously become cheaper in Australia so I can buy you again D:

Stila 'crush'es (lip and cheek stain). I only got the Mango one...I wish I got them all. Such a beautiful stain. It is not very drying, goes on easily (gives you a chance to blend before it stains) and lasts all day. I want more. It's also...I hesitate to write 'shimmery' but I'm not sure how else to describe's not like shimmery glittery but it has more of a depth of colour than other's more dimensional...does that make sense? It's not just a regular matte stain. Much more complex.

And now, products I've purchased that are nowhere near running out but are super rad that you should heaps get too if you're a) In NY or b) Rich:

 Ok, so you don't have to be rich to buy Kiehl's, but I got this for 8 bucks. Just sayin'.
Please note: white eyeliner is NOT flattering on anybody and does not effectively counterract redness. You need something more flattering and fleshy-toned like this baby. I would look soooo much worse at work every morning at 7am if I didn't own this. So to my work buddies, you're welcome.

 One of the best eye palettes I have ever purchased (I believe this is called 'taupe no.6') and I use it almost every day also. Dab a bit of the 2nd or 3rd lightest taupes on top of some cream shadow for a bright wide-awake look, or create a flawless smoky eye with the whole thing. Whatever. So gorgeous. Buy something similar if you can (or buy the actual thing, lucky Americans, and Europeans and everybody who is not Australia and severely lacking in Sephoras).
 Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in 'Cabo Coral'. I know, I'm still banging on about coral. By all means, get a pink one if you want, but I'm just putting it out there: peachy pinky coral apricot-y colours look good on pretty much everyone and work well with all those different shades of makeup. So. Yes. Consider it will you?

 LAURA MERCIER I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I'M SORRY I DIDN'T REALISE EARLIER. FORGIVE ME. LET'S BE FRIENDS. YOU ARE SO PRETTY. This is the other contender for possibly greatest makeup palette ever. I believe it is called 'Book of Nudes'? It comes in a fancy pants snakesin (faux) cover too. Everyone suits nudes. Duh. This set is great for creating everyday daytime looks, smoky eye, in between, anything, anywhere, ever. You also get a cream bronzer, pinky coral cream blush (because, like nudes, it suits everyone, SEE?) and a cream highlighter. IT IS PERFECT.  Get it. If you can. It cost me $48 American and it was worth every penny. Also because in Australia you might need to re-mortgage your house or forego a couple months' rent to get it. I know I sound like I'm exaggerating but seriously, Australian shopping sucks ass. I'm sorry, but it's true.

Quick list of things I didn't buy that I hate myself for not buying

- Sneakers. OHMIGOD that was one of the most important things I was supposed to get! Sacrificed these so I would save room in my luggage but really regretting it now. Ugh, can't believe I have to look for shoes here now, I mean, why even bother?
- More MAC brushes. I bought one ($17!!!!!!) and stupidly didn't think to get anymore. Then I got home and remembered some of them retail for $72 here, promptly kicked self.
- Another oversize silky black Topshop t-shirt aka the most perfect shirt in the history of the world. DUMB APH.
- More Revlon 'Just Bitten' textas (stains). I bought one ('Flame') and realised it was pretty great and that I got it for like 9 bucks and just...ugh. So silly. This thing is really like a giant texta and goes on like a stain. Which means it gives wicked lip definition without the use of pesky lipliner and keeps whatever you put on top + strong colour, in place. It is pretty drying though so I would definitely use something on top. Lip balm, NARS Love Devotion (no problems with this by the way, I bought 3 tubes), gloss, whatever. It'll stay. I want a pink one.
- MAC Pigments. Honestly, I'm giving myself a headache. HOW CAN I BE SO DUMB? I have 'Mauvement' which I love and yet I stupidly did not purchase any other colours in America. Like, really.

Also, I know, firstworldproblemsfirstworldproblemsfirstworldproblemsfirstworldproblemsfirstworldprob...

P.S. I keep having dreams where I'm in all these random places around the city (some I haven't even been to) and it doesn't help that seemingly every book I've picked up lately is set in the Big Apple. Columbus Ave, SoHo and Bleecker St are all frequent spots I've found myself in the middle of the night. This makes me so sad when I wake up and I realise I'm in lameshits CONCORD and there is nothing that cool and fun and pretty near me for like 10,000 miles (this is obviously a lie - Sydney is beautiful, but still). I am desperate to go back.

P.P.S. Also, I went to Eminem's concert on Friday (AMAZING) and I felt so, so, so sad when it was over. I want him to come back already. He was so intense and like, lucid, he gave me chills. Lucky I bought Kanye tickets that day too (Gold Standing Section) or I would be in the foetal position crying for Marshall. Still.

Phew. I should blog more often so I don't have to regurgitate so much at one time. If you read all that, congratulations, you have more time to waste than me. I love you. You look nice today x

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a holiday

Gosh, it's been a while since I updated this thing hasn't it? I find it so difficult to get motivated to write anything. Not because I don't have the time (I do, loads of it, too much) but because there is so little happening in my life again that I just don't care enough about anything.

New York was magnificant, of course, and I'd go back in a heartbeat. Such an incredible place. And the weather was amazing while I was there - so many sunny cold Autumn days. My favourites! PLUS I got one day of snow! Like, well proper snow! It was sooooo beautiful to somebody who has never seen snow before. Also, I've never been away from home alone for that long so having a taste of freedom and then coming home...ugh. It's been an adjustment period. I think I need another holiday. Like, a relaxing one near the beach. Seriously.

I did miss the lovely people in my life though. That would be the hardest part about moving away. If I could uproot all my people to wherever I go, that would be rad.

Ah well. Back to reality at the moment and I just sort of wish something exciting would happen. I should probably start looking for full-time employment now. SERIOUSLY THOUGH CAN'T SOMEONE JUST PAY ME TO SIT AT HOME AND GO ON THE INTERNET AND WRITE MY BLOG? I would update so much more if I got paid for it.

Although I'm thinking about doing it anyway. For 2012 I'm thinking about challenging myself and updating every single day. Not like, massive-long beauty and shoe and celeb posts like what I used to do like once every month, but still. Quick short little posts...every day. Ooh. Daunting.


For the more observant amongst you, yes, I did see them filming a scene of Gossip Girl (HI CHUCK) and YES I did absolutely go to Old Westbury House and Gardens aka my DREAM WEDDING DESTINATION. Totally in love with it. So, so, so beautiful. Also, I stood on the steps where Sebastien and Annette stood! It was such a perfect day but I found out they don't let you have weddings there. Must find a way to get around this. Must.