Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kristen Stewart v World

I know, how did I wait so long to blog about this? To be honest, I was kind of keen to watch it play out and see if it would go how I thought it would go. And it did. Sometimes, I hate being right.

Kristen Stewart is being overwhelmingly vilified as a trampy, slutty, evil whore and definitely copping the worst judgment. Like out-of-control crazy judgment from everybody and everywhere. It is not just because she is the more famous of the guilty parties. That is bullshit.

Rupert Sanders, the director and Kristen's superior, was married and the father of two young children and is now getting divorced. He is the most likely candidate to direct the sequel to 'Snow White and the Huntsman' and Kristen Stewart has been fired. Sanders has also signed on to a new project regarding a crime novel adaptation.

Robert Pattinson has, quite rightly, received outpourings of public support and presented himself brilliantly now that he's making appearances. Maybe he should never get a publicist because he is charming and funny and wonderful and has never looked better. His Jon Stewart interview was perfect. I feel bad for him and I adore him always, but he will be okay and his career will climb to even greater heights. Good. I'm so glad because he so deserves it. L-o-v-e.

Now, let me state that I think cheating is wrong. It is a shit and cowardly way to get out of a relationship that maybe you wanted to get out of. Doing it in daylight, in public, and being very famous is a very stupid way to get caught. It. Is. So. Dumb. Kristen Stewart is a dumb 22-year-old for doing it and for ruining her relationship with her boyfriend. DUUUUMMMBBBB.

BUT. Rupert Sanders is 42, her director, and married with two kids. Married. As in, he made a vow and commitment to his WIFE. In my opinion, he did the dirtier deed here and is definitely the biggest asshole douchebag in this whole scenario. And yet his career is blossoming (pre-SWATH he directed commercials, now he's getting rights to big-ass new developments) and he seems to have escaped everybody's wrath.

So, seriously, why is everybody coming down so hard on Kristen Stewart? As much as I loathe defending her right now (and I do), I just think the hatred and venom she has been receiving is insane and yes, unfair. Oh but it's not just the Twi-Hards either who are pissed at the grungy surly girl with straggly hair who broke Edward Cullen's heart, it's overwhelming from all sides.

Kristen Stewart is the scapegoat for the vanilla mainstream majority who need to differentiate themselves from the bad girl adulteress and who strongly identify with the Jennifer Annistons of the world (side note: how happy am I that Jenny is engaged? Crazy, out of this world ecstatic. LOVE her and Justin! Bring on the race to the alter! Bring on the wedding showdown! Bring on the baby bump!!!!!). The problem for K-Stew is that Angelina Jolie's image was a bit more salvageable - after all, adultery is more easily forgiven if the two naughty parties end up together and therefore it was about 'love' i.e. an uncontrollable force between two soulmates (see: Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig; Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied; Julia Roberts and Danny Moder. Compare to: Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe - her career never quite recovered from the scandal and he won an Oscar).


I don't believe Kristen is being judged in the spotlight and vilified to the extreme because she is the more famous of the cheaters. She is being punished because she is a woman and she was already thought of as a bitch by other women. Also, she doesn't have blonde hair and a sparkling smile. She did cheat on her boyfriend and she did ruin their relationship, but I don't think she needs to be castrated just yet. Rupert Sanders on the other hand, well, he broke up a family.

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