Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a holiday

Gosh, it's been a while since I updated this thing hasn't it? I find it so difficult to get motivated to write anything. Not because I don't have the time (I do, loads of it, too much) but because there is so little happening in my life again that I just don't care enough about anything.

New York was magnificant, of course, and I'd go back in a heartbeat. Such an incredible place. And the weather was amazing while I was there - so many sunny cold Autumn days. My favourites! PLUS I got one day of snow! Like, well proper snow! It was sooooo beautiful to somebody who has never seen snow before. Also, I've never been away from home alone for that long so having a taste of freedom and then coming home...ugh. It's been an adjustment period. I think I need another holiday. Like, a relaxing one near the beach. Seriously.

I did miss the lovely people in my life though. That would be the hardest part about moving away. If I could uproot all my people to wherever I go, that would be rad.

Ah well. Back to reality at the moment and I just sort of wish something exciting would happen. I should probably start looking for full-time employment now. SERIOUSLY THOUGH CAN'T SOMEONE JUST PAY ME TO SIT AT HOME AND GO ON THE INTERNET AND WRITE MY BLOG? I would update so much more if I got paid for it.

Although I'm thinking about doing it anyway. For 2012 I'm thinking about challenging myself and updating every single day. Not like, massive-long beauty and shoe and celeb posts like what I used to do like once every month, but still. Quick short little posts...every day. Ooh. Daunting.


For the more observant amongst you, yes, I did see them filming a scene of Gossip Girl (HI CHUCK) and YES I did absolutely go to Old Westbury House and Gardens aka my DREAM WEDDING DESTINATION. Totally in love with it. So, so, so beautiful. Also, I stood on the steps where Sebastien and Annette stood! It was such a perfect day but I found out they don't let you have weddings there. Must find a way to get around this. Must.