Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pray for me

Whoever your God may be, I think I might need it.

Apart from the achey back (after chiropractic consultation the diagnosis was inflamed spinal joints and also the rotation of a few little spinal thingies. Both of these conditions also affected my ribcage and neck which was why it was also difficult to breathe. Yay me!) everything in my life has kind of been going kind of really well. And I don't know how to deal with this.

First of all, the job search seems to be going alright, leaving me surprisingly optimistic. But more importantly, I MET JAKE GYLLENHAAL LAST NIGHT! And Anne Hathaway. But anyway, I went to the 'Love and Other Drugs' premiere in Sydney last night (and waited for 4 hours...) and I got to see my man in the flesh. It was unnerving and magical. He's better than you can ever imagine. I'll obviously talk about it more in my upcoming Jakey G post. And forever after.

In fact, I sent an email off to Lainey at LaineyGossip.com (my favourite celeb gossip site, apart from DListed) basically explaining how amazing the night was and asking if she could please post the pics from the premiere because Jakey was so hot. But Lainey went a step further and now I'm famous.


Yes, that's right. I am 'the cutest'. Well Lainey you are just the raddest. To top it off Michael K at DListed.com (my comedic hero) also linked back to MY review so he knows I exist too!!!


To put this into perspective, I read Lainey and DListed every damn day and ingest it like crack. Obviously, I read a million celeb gossip sites but these two are the best and they are sort of like celebrities to me too now. So you can see why I am chuffed. What a way to top off my Jakey experience (note: in case you didn't click the above Lainey link, the night was described in some detail).

I'm still buzzing. Something's gotta give, right? Or maybe my back already did. And my shitfest of a thesis year. And my lack of a romantic life. MAYBE THINGS ARE CHANGING. But I don't want to jinx myself. So pray for me, pray to the black lady God above!!! Or the Gaylord. Whatever.

I love all of you loverz. And apologies in particular to my facebook friends who had to experience the gushing blow-by-blow account of my Jakey encounter. But how can you be mad, he is so fine.

P.S. Psst look how close they were. I got both of their autographs.You can see better pics in Lainey's post, but these are MINE. Lalala I was so close to my future hubby.

P.P.S. YOU try taking a clear picture when your Perfect Man is standing 10cm from you. I was drunk on Jake.

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