Monday, July 8, 2013

How to cope with the abrupt cancellation of your new favourite show

So that show that you love, the one that you watch every week online to stay super current mere seconds after it first gets broadcast in the US, gets cancelled by those jerks, The Man. Lately, such important artistic works as ‘30 Rock’, ‘The Bitch in Apt 23’ and my personal favourite ‘Good Christian Bitches’ are dead. And yet 'The Big Bang Theory', 'Two and a Half Men' and 'Dancing with the Assholes' continue to prosper. 

It’s a lot to take.

So how does one process all the disappointment year after year after year? Why even bother becoming attached to a new show? Why watch to begin with? Is it better to remain oblivious to the weird, very specific joy, one feels when one has found one’s new show? Or is it worth all the pain just to have that blissful discovery of a new season/pilot? 

It is worth it, it totally is. Sure, there will be anxiety and disappointment when the series about the Aesthetically Perfect Teens who want to be together but who might also be siblings and their friends, the Gay Couple made up of one confused dude and a girl masquerading as a guy at an all-boys boarding school (R.I.P. ‘Young Americans’ – never forget) gets canned, but hey, a select few will always cherish those six amazing episodes. Note: this show aired and ended thirteen years ago and it still hurts to talk about. Imagine my pain as I currently struggle with the fact that I discovered and watched 'Good Christian Bitches' two weekends ago and now will only ever have those ten blissful, hilarious episodes in my lifetime.

It’s just important to know how to cope with the inevitable demise of awesome batshit insane tv shows and go through the 5 important stages of grieving.

1      1.  Shock: it’s hard to believe that not everybody appreciates the genius that you so clearly see. Don’t doubt yourself – it’s definitely them, your show is rad.
        2.  Sadness: it’s okay to be sad. You should mourn what you had. The next little bit will feel bad.
        3.  Anger: THOSE DICKS! HOW DARE THEY TAKE YOUR HAPPINESS AWAY. NOW WHAT WILL YOU DO ON A SATURDAY NIGHT WHEN YOU LIE TO YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT WHY YOU CAN'T GO OUT JUST SO YOU CAN STAY IN BED WATCHING TV IN YOUR PAJAMAS? (I never do this. I love you guys. I just get really unexpectedly busy sometimes so I absolutely, positively have to cancel on you).
        4. More extreme sadness: you’ve realized just how much you’re going to be missing and at this point, it’s perfectly acceptable to cry. Also, watch the entire series chronologically from the beginning. This helps.
        5. Oh, freakin’ sweet, Mindy Kaling got her own show? It's already been renewed for a new season? Cool.

        At least we won't have to worry about Game of Thrones for a while...