Wednesday, September 30, 2009

disney couture

oh hai these are some pretty jewelleries I would like thx:

Disney couture Pocahontas necklace. It is a compass inside!

DC Lumiere necklace!!! My favourite. MAJOR, MAJOR WANT.

DC Treasure Chest ring. Wish it fit me.

Pretty DC Tinkerbell pearl necklace. I already have the silver cut-out crawling Tinkerbell, but this is also amazing.

Also, list of some things I would want, but already have (thus making me very happy):
- watermelon/pineapple frosty fruit
- at least two trashy tabloid mags (today Grazia and Famous made the cut. Tomorrow must get Ok though because the new one comes out on Friday, so mustn't miss out).
- some time off from uni and no essays due til October 30th.
- trip away from Sydney next week. Ok so it's just Wagga but it's AWAY. And I get to see Erin. And get drunk. And sleep in a dorm!
- an opportunity to see my cousin's baby. He will be spending the next two days at my aunty's house which is just around the corner so I will finally get to hang out with him again.


P.S. One non-yay: really would like my left wrist to stop being in agonising pain. It hurts very much. And having it bandaged helps but is annoying. Fix yourself, wrist! Or else.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

huna. robsten. hairz.

First and foremost, I want Huna to return. Well, I guess my main wish is for her to have a rad time while doing herself some right mischiefs (sp?) in L.A. And then come home soon. And then regale me with her hilarious and brilliant and unbelievable and probably, let's face it, delinquent adventures. Today I felt the pangs of missing you more than ever. No snide comments during the gender lecture, no pants being set on fire, no lazing in the sun after. And most importantly, nobody to keep me sane and remind me to stop being needy and pathetic.

Love you <3

On a more superficial note, I would like magazines to NOT use photoshopped images of Rpattz/KStew when attempting to 'prove' that they are a couple. I read (on average) 5 magazines a week and at least 3 gossip websites daily. Do not insult my intelligence with crappy photoshop. This is two pictures.

And finally, I want my hair long. Like this. I am currently in the awkward growing-out stage. UUUUGH.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

things that will make me feel more right tonight

Because I do not feel quite right (as one would infer from my blog title) there are some things that I want/need (second blog maybe) that I think would help. Maybe they wouldn't, but we can't know that for sure.

- sleep. This is obv a possibility I'm just not ready yet. I get to sleep in tomorrow, it would be ridiculous to waste that.
- a celebrity puzzle book. I just finished the Woman's Day (shuddup) crossword/starburst/find-a-word in 20 minutes.
- Guitar Hero 5 to fucking man up. I only played like 5 songs before the shit freaked out and froze. Oh well. At least I'll have the memories. Nothing below 95% tonight wooo! (do you think it's telling the game fucked up during 'sex on fire'?)
- air con.
- slurpee.
- some kind of sedative, I am all a-flutter.
- for the download of lady gaga's acoustic version of paparazzi at the chapel (thankyou jessie) to fucking work so I can put it on my 'ultimate pop that I like in September' cd*.
- to listen to said cd while reading Frankie on my bed listening to the storm.

I am going to do the last 2 things now. And tomorrow I am going to watch (500) days of summer OR the young victoria. Will decide laterz.

love love love xo

* suggestions welcome.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

shoes. slurpee. jewellery.

Oh man. What a day. Can Winter come back plz? Hot and sweaty is not my bag. (Minds. gutter. out.) So that's the first thing I want. The second thing I want is for to be awake again. I had a very long day and just got home an hour ago and am still too tired to be productive. HELP! Looking at photos of Rihanna on Google is not sufficient research (it is research, yes, but not enough to do a case study on).

But THE most important thing of the day, is this. I had one earlier (5 whole hours ago!) and now I want another. I had a raspberry before, want blue now please.

These amazing, heartstopping, shoes. And foot-stomping stopping too, I'm sure. I bet Rihanna already has them. Fierce bitch.

And in keeping with the hardcore theme, how fucking rad is this Burberry ring? It's barbared wire! Great success.

Note: It is my 21st birthday on the 7th of November. If you read my blog. No excuses for not knowing what I want. Just sayin'.

Friday, September 11, 2009

sharing is caring

Because I'm such a nice person and seem to be recommending amusing websites to people a lot, I decided to compile a list of websites I think YOU will want to look at. I know, I'm nice.

The greatest and my favouritest atm, My Life Is Average: (far, far superior to

My other favourite site right now involves people submitting drunken/funny texts they have received. This is a genius website.

The average version of

I pretty much find out all my celebrity info from this site. Even if you ain't into trashy gossip sites, this is hilaaaarious and well worth checking. Otherwise I will just continue posting links to it in my fb status:

If you like pretty clothes/jewellery/SHOES then you probably already know about this site, but just in case:

ALSO A VERY GOOD ONE. This involves pictures of disgusting fattening meals that people have created. It's awesome. One of my faves is the deep fried battered cadbury creme egg. 'mazin.

And lastly, this one is not a good want, it made me want to VOM:

Enjoy x

Monday, September 7, 2009


I worked out this afternoon. Yeah, I went to THE GYM. It took every fibre of my being, allllll my effort to get my ass there, but I did. Well, obv not alllll my effort coz I still had to do the workout. But THAT officially took it all. You see, I am so tired I can barely even see straight. My head is all spinny.

I want it to stop.

You see, I did not go to the gym at all last week, and I think I felt I had to overcompensate and fit the energy of 3x workouts into one. And now I am dead.

I want very much to be alive again.

However, I have something else to add to this want post. Rather than wanting this last thing, I actually ACHIEVED one of my desires today. Not the Chanel bag. Nothing from/in Balmain. Not Ray Ban Clubmasters. I HAVE BECOME A PRO AT BORROWING LIBRARY BOOKS.

Yeah let that sink in baby. Not only did I go to the library 2 weeks before essay due date, but I have some sort of divine gift for tracking down books. Whether it be simply from the reference number, or even FROM THE SORTING SHELF, I can find it! Genius.

And, as is only apt, a pretty picture:

Vivienne Westwood ring plz.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I want... Balmain

I want these Balmain shoes...

I want this Balmain jacket...

And this Balmain house for now...

And I want this blissful weather to continue so I can wear my new grey linen blazer every single day. Alternating only with my new silk+zipper vest.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

chocolate and pretty

I want a half melted Boost chocolate bar.

To follow the one I just ate.

I want a caramel skim cap from cups 'n' coffee.

And I want to stroll down the street holding it wearing these:

and toting this:

Anyone got a spare 100k lying around? I WANT IT.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

reeeeally really want

As the title suggests, I rather badly want this next post to come to fruition.

I want to slap Chris Brown in his smug shitty cunty little face.

I want the judge to realise what a silly mistake he made in sentencing Chris. I want him to finally understand that Chris Brown should go to JAIL.

In jail, I want Chris Brown to get raped by huge scary guys, either with their own penises, a shank, or a splintery wooden broom handle.

Upon hearing him tell Larry King that he doesn't actually remember beating Rihanna, I want someone to restore his memory. I mean, I'm glad he gets to escape the painful memories of this experience, but I don't think it's really fair. Rihanna after all will probably NEVER forget it, even if she wants to.


EDIT: oh check dis quote "I just look at it like, wow. I'm in shock, because that's not who I am as a person…I don't know what to think. It's just like, wow. When I look at it now, it's just like, wow, like, I can't — I can't believe that — that actually happened."