Monday, January 12, 2015

More golden moments please, more more more!

Wheeeeeee onto the good stuff! Amongst the largely boring state of affairs this morning, rays of joy and sunlight broke through the clouds and shone down on the stars, and many other mixed analogies that are less confusing than this one but which generally mean ALL. GOOD. THINGS.

The Handsome Gentlemen

Chris Pratt, mah main man of 2014 looking DAPPER. AS. FUCK. with his gorgeous wife Anna Faris. These two. Goddamn. I wouldn't even mind being the lame third-wheel hanging out with them, I just want to hang out with them.

Did not expect to see Colin Firth this year, not sure why, but please note that it resulted in actual squee-ing at my desk. I'm sure I was super fun at work today.

His acceptance speech for the Cecil B. Demille award was pretty perfect. It was heartwarming, it was funny, it was poignant and I basically just cannot get over that he is married and publicly acknowledges this. I love that Amal is like the equivalent status of a rockstar to him as a rockstar would be to us plebs. She is a badass and they are my favourite celeb couple. DEAL WITH IT.

Navy seems to be having a moment with gorgeous dapper men on the red carpet at the moment, and I am okay with this if they look as fiiiine as Kit Harrington. 

Legit one of the only pictures I could find of my fave, Mark Ruffalo. Which is a travesty. Because look at him.

Dreamy, dreamy Matt Bomer WON FOR BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR and I fully endorse this. Not only because of his dreamy blue eyes, but literally everything else about him. Including his very sweet acceptance speech that highlighted Mark Ruff's awesomeness.

OH HEY JAKEY YOU GET THREE PICTURES FOR BEING THE BEST BOYFRIEND TO ME ANY BOY COULD BE. So funny, so broody, so sweet. How are you everything?! When he teared up during sister Maggie's acceptance speech, I also may have had a little something in my eye. It's been too damn long since I've had Jakey around for regular updates so I'm really excited to have him back as a nominee and with like a billion films to promote. Yay! Swoon! Call me.

Best Dressed Ladies, in order

Christine Baranski, showing the young 'uns how it's done. Style, elegance and beauty in one gorgeous package. Us mere mortals could only dream of looking this good now, let alone at her age.

Gwyneth skipped the red carpet this year, but she pretty much always makes my best-dressed list and 2015 is no exception, I see you Gwynnie! It's not a white caped Tom Ford gown, but it's a great Globes dress. And her hair looks fantastic, better than it has in ages. Okay, fine, I've also been dazzled by dat ass.

A perennial fave, I don't remember the last time Sienna has disappointed me. I weirdly loved this from the second I saw her on-screen. Beautiful.

It was a CLOSE countdown to #1 but Lupita got allllll my best-dressed praise last year, so today, she is runner up. Holy moly this is stunning though. She looks like an incredible, live, hydrangea. And I mean that in the best, most gushing way possible. I. LOVE. HER.

Aaaaaaaaand best dressed this year goes to EMMA STONE in the most perfectly tailored jumpsuit known to the human race, and probably puppies too. Wow. It takes balls to wear this outfit and it takes even bigger ones to pull it off. She is faultless. I want her hair. And her skin. And her boyfriend. And to be at the butt of one of Amy and Tina's jokes and take it ever-so-graciously and then seem even cooler than I already was. And then kick back and chill out because I AM WEARING A RAD JUMPSUIT. Winning at life; Emma is doing it.

Part 3: Tina and Amy win the Globes again
Can we just bring them back forever? Why does their reign have to end? Remember "And now, like a supermodel's vagina, let's all give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio!" Or, or "I haven't really been following the controversy over 'Zero Dark Thirty', but when it comes to torture, I trust the lady who spent three years married to James Cameron." Oh how we LAUGHED.

This year was no exception. They even made Robin Wright laugh! Out loud! With her mouth open! But re-live it and see for yourself. It's cool, I'll wait.

I don't even know where to begin on the Bill Cosby stuff but I'm actually glad they went there. They called him out YEARS ago on Weekend Update and now that they had the bigger platform, good on 'em for going there again. Not gonna lie, I almost wet myself and felt my jaw unhinge and hit the floor simultaneously. Which are both reactions a good opening awards show monologue should entail!

My favourite beyond favourite perfect quote of the entire evening which I will now leave you with once again is obviously:

"George Clooney married Amal Alamuddin this year. Amal is a human right's lawyer who worked on the Enron case, an advisor to Kofi Annan on Syria and was appointed to a three-person commission investigating rules of war violations in the Gaza strip [pause] So tonight her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award." The delivery was flawless, and his reaction was priceless. 

Thanks for the laughs Amy and Tina! I will miss you next year, no matter who hosts instead!

I put my vote forward for Kristen Wiig though. Hollywood Foreign Press Association, you can just have that piece of advice for free. Do with it what you will. 

LESS. FUCKING. RED. ON THE RED CARPET. And other eye-twitch inducing outfits.

I just had a few glasses of wine, sorry for getting so shouty so early. You should have heard me in real-time watching the actual red carpet/awards ceremony today. Shit got real.

Basically…I say this every year…and, unbelievably, Hollywood still is not listening (I know, I really thought my over-inflated sense of ego was more influential than it was) and today the red carpet was a sea of samey red. And samey silver. And underwhelming blahs.

Basicaly, it was a less-than-dazzling array on display.

Dresses that had me seeing red (I can't think of a better pun, I'm so tired, shut up, YOU have bags under your eyes! I'm sorry, wait, you're pretty)

No shade, Allison Janney is great. She can wear whatever fucking colour she wants to.

This is a red ball gown. On a boring Allison Williams. I have nothing else to say here. It is what it is.

Oh look, more red. CZJ is looking pretty great though. So, that's a thing. 

If you do it like Dame Helen Mirren, fine. If not, GTFO. No exceptions.

Literally my brain is running out of my ears I can't think of anything else to say about these red dresses. Julianna Marguiles is very pretty though, I'm always shocked again by how striking her face is. Just saying.

I refuse to dedicate any further specific thought/attention to Lena Dunham. She's clearly trolling us by wearing the most ill-fitting dresses in the universe so she can continue to do so as is her will. I'm over her schtick.

This is better than her usual. In that I didn't cringe when I saw it. Well, not for any other reason than it was red. Small victories!!!

I felt like the sea of red was overwhelming today and it was just like 'oh man ANOTHER one?' and it felt relentless. This sounds dramatic. But when one (me) looks forward to awards show season all year (since the last show) with the utmost anticipation (more than Christmas) and then they're not blown away (pouting at my desk pondering the meaning of life), it's quite a comedown. For a more in-depth analysis of my feelings on the crimson hued gowns of award shows past, read literally any other blog post I've written.

The sparkly blush nude of 2015

She seems as blah and generic and 'nothing' as Anastasia Steele. So, I guess, good job.

Ugh, SWOON. What a standout couple. I may be biased due to Pacey Witter hanging off her arm but Diane Kruger never ever disappoints me. She has elevated this hue to something stunning and interesting.

The SECOND she stepped onto the red carpet (and I glimpsed her lady bits) I mused that she was probably wearing Zuhair Murad. She was. It was not a compliment. 

I wanted to like this more than I did. But I was over feathers in 2013. Also…Ricardo Tisci's association with that Kardashian have tainted him forever in my eyes. She should have stuck to Tom Ford. But let's be real, this stunning redhead can never look bad.

WHO is Kate Beckinsale sleeping with to keep getting invited to present every year?!?! Seriously, who? Asking for a friend...

This was even more underwhelming on screen than it is here. I get that she's probably building to a big Oscar moment…but…it's been so long since we've even had a great Reese Witherspoon moment that I am not optimistic (remember the post-divorce canary yellow Nina Ricci?? Or the vintage black Valentino at her first Globes? Or the amazing, amazing vintage Dior gown when she won her Oscar?!). But I am hopeful. Because when she does it well, Reese knocks it out of the park. But maybe let's leave Calvin Klein aside for a while now, it has not served her well.

The Not-distinctive-enough-to-create-a-new-category-but-should-probably-be-acknowledged-anyway Category

This actually pains me. God, I love her. But why the gloves. Dammit. I feel like maybe my astronomical expectations were slightly too high. Pretending this just didn't happen and you can't convince me otherwise lalalala otherwise it's perfect.

On the red carpet, Claire said she was wearing 'art'. I didn't see that dress but I did see this blanket one!

Emily Blunt will always get bonus points from me regardless, but this is a beautiful (if not slightly ordinary) dress anyway. She gets to be married to John Krasinski too. And she is awesome in her own right. EMILY WHEN CAN WE BE FRIENDS ALREADY?

Amy was going to be torn apart by me for being boring and then I was overcome by gowns of red and silver and magically, Amy Adams was then elevated beyond 'blah'. Which I am happy about because I actually really like her and am looking forward to her own Oscar year as it will be so beyond well-deserved.

This was actually pretty awful and I naively thought Jen would try harder. The sequins looked cheap, the accessories were dated, her hair look stringy somehow even in an UP-DO, and her shoes are from 2001. I can't even. For somebody so banging, Jennifer Aniston consistently disappoints (but then, she's always had assy style).

I just…I don't know what to do here. From far away she looks great, but up close, that material is tacky as fuck (i.e. it's a big old mess. i.e. she's a Monet). That face though…and her hair…! I would pay big bucks to buy every strand and follicle of those locks from her scalp and have them for myself. Stunning.

Naomi has already had a 'Yellow' moment. But this is beautiful. So it's a wash. No points lost.


Haha. Hahahahahahaha. Baby brain is funny. Keira boasted about her gown taking 'more than 30 people' from Chanel 'over a week to make this dress' but I barely heard her because I was still laughing at her recycled toilet brush holder 'dress'.

My clouded, biased judgment of Kate Hudson almost made me overlook this Versace abomination. I inexplicably adore her beyond words but this dress looked trashy. I already know she has an incredible physique, she didn't have to show me like this.

This is…fine. Julia Louis Dreyfus is always fine, but I'm ready to be wowed by her now. Somebody this fabulous has to have a better gown selection than this.

Another case of letting my expectations reach stratospheric heights…I don't actually recall ever seeing Rosamund Pike in something I *don't* love in recent times. Seriously. LOVE. And then she turned up in this dress today and then everything I knew to be truth and fact and real in this world was destroyed. I don't even know. 

So that wraps up the 'mehs' - I'm sorry if you're asleep or you didn't make it through that post but you wouldn't even know because you wouldn't have made it this far down so my apology is worthless and yet, here I am, apologising. Stay tuned though - the highlights are still to come!