Friday, December 24, 2010

peachy peach peach stuff


Probably. Oh well, I shall tell you what I want anyway and maybe you can surprise me sometime. That would be nice. Actually, considering I have this blog where I tell people what I want all the time I should be getting heaps more shit. It's not like nobody knows what I want. HELLO.

Anyway. Peach! I know I have been banging on about coral for a million years but lately all I want to do is peach-ify my face. I actually (shockingly) do not have the gear for this. Normally when I decide I want to try a new makeup look I go and play with stuff I already have in my cupboard because odds are, I'll have appropriate products to use.

Not so with peach! Apparently my head has been too full of pinks and corals to ever pay attention to peaches and this makes me sad because I am now absolutely desperate for some new slap.

Seeeee how pretty?! Just imagine...peachy apricot lips, creamy peach blush, brown mascara/winged out black liquid eyeliner for nighttime...divine. Any recommendations will be welcome. Also note: I have a sort of peachy blush by Smashbox BUT I have no lippy to wear it with and it is far, far too shimmery for the naturale look I am going for. Thus the desire for a cream blush. Help!

Oh and as much as I hate her, Kate Bosworth's face kind of encapsulates the look I am going for:

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