Thursday, September 30, 2010

Movie couples I want to get together

It's not secret that I love a good celeb gossip story. I live for it in fact. Actually, right now I should probably be working on my thesis (HOW BORED ARE YOU OF HEARING ABOUT MY PIECE OF SHIT THESIS? Note: I am also bored of talking about it/doing it) but I'd much prefer talking about hypothetical celebrity couples.

While movies are fictional sometimes there's just too much chemistry between on-screen lovers that I simply cannot ignore. I feel they are doing themselves a disservice by not being together. Why are they fighting happiness? I do not know, but I wish they'd get on with it and bang/fall in love.

Kat Dennings and Michael Cera
Kat and Michael were in "Nick and Norah's Infinte Playlist" together, and I hated the movie until I got drawn in by their oh-so-sweet chemistry. She is all curves, sexy hips, big lips, luscious long hair and he is the skinny charming uber geek but I think it works. She is hot, hot, hot and he will treasure her and together they shall be deadpan and hilarious. They are the real-life Marten and Dora (does anybody else read Questionable Content? Anyone? Seriously, I need to squee with someone over Faye's new love) except Kat is obviously far superior to Dora, obviously. Enough of the rambling, onto the evidence!

Lea Michelle and Cory Monteith
SHUT UP DON'T FIGHT WITH ME YET. I know she is annoying. She is grating and uptight and sickly sweet (think Emmy Rossum blergh) and cannot dress for the red carpet to save her life - note to Lea, you always look like you've Tried so hard. Relax. You are so young. Remember that next time you reach for a dramatic ballgown. I feel better now that's out of the way. Cory on the other hand is Canadian, laid-back and an untrained singer. You see where I'm going with this, don't you. They are each others Yin and Yang. They balance each other out and they will have fun doing it. He's not exactly a bad boy, but in my head, it's sort of like Claire and John in 'The Breakfast Club'. Or Johnny and Baby in 'Dirty Dancing'. Or any one of a million teen movie couples. And she needs to be brought back down to Earth. P.S. Are you shocked by how long it took me to catch on to the 'Glee' phenomenon? I mean, am officially a Gleek now but it took a while to hop on the bandwagon. But I've found my people.

Devon Sawa and Christina Ricci
 Seen together in such classics as 'Now and Then' and 'Casper', I still think Christina and Devon (or Stan as he has become associated with in my brain) are made for each other. They shared their first kiss together! It would be the perfect Hollywood story. Child stars find love after all these years. Awe! Remember "Scott..." "Yeah?!" "If you mention this to anybody, especially your brothers, I'll beat the shit out of you."

Justin Long and Ginnifer Goodwin
I am over Justin Long's bullshit relationship with Drew Barrymore. I never thought they suited anyway. And I think Ginnifer Goodwin is absolutely, ridiculously adorable and they are a match made in heaven, as can be seen in the 2009 film 'He's Just Not That Into You'. In their interview with Rove, Ginnifer even refers to Justin as 'my Alex'!!!!!!!!!! HELLO, GET YOUR ACTS TOGETHER BITCHEZ.

Tony and Maxxie
They're both 'striaght' in real life. I don't care. They look so good together, it's aesthetically meant to be.

Gale Harold and Randy Harris
Sigh. I can barely contain myself whenever these two came onscreen. My heart would squeeze in on itself, my stomach would tense and pathetic girlish giggling/squealing was frequent. There really are no words to describe how important this couple has been throughout my life, particularly those bleak teenage years. I clung to Brian and Justin in times of sadness, distress, happiness, boredom, on a Thursday, etc. So much love. And if you haven't seen this video, well, why not? Randy Harris (offscreen) whispers "I love you" to Gale during an interview. It is adorable. Obviously they really do love each other.

 Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams
I know they are just really good friends. I know they are close. I know I know I know. But I don't think they know how perfect they are together. But if she won't take him, I will.Warning: this may affect your productivity for the rest of the day/week.


Swoon! Note the pics where there are supposedly no cameras around. Clearly they are good friends, enjoy each other's company and have a veyr palpable sexual chemistry, so what the fuck?

Anway. Movie couples #1 and #2 will have to be in a separate post. I haven't been able to narrow down the inordinate amount of pics I have. So stay tuned lovers.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


After like 3 years of black ballet flats and Converse I have decided that it is time for me to branch further out into the world of flats. I live in flat shoes and this year I would like some more stylin' options to go with my new wardrobe of harem pants + floaty neutrals. That's right, this Summer I may start dressing in predominantly non-black ensembles. Shocking. Just call me Lady Isabella Gaga Blow.

The search begins.

Opening Ceremony

Nicholas Kirkwood. I think these are old but I care not.

Can't believe I don't own a pair of nude ballet flats.


Nicholas Kirkwood again.

EDIT: Oops, they're Opening Ceremony. Duh.

Ultimate nude ballet flat choice.

Hey NK stop being so awesome.

Guess who...

Amazeballs Joie flats as seen on Kate B. Sold out everywhere.

Swooon perfect Opening Ceremony sandals

Fell in love with these then found out my cousin Anthea already got em. Hot bitch.

Topshop! Sorry for the teeny pics...

More Topshop...

These look ugly but I think they'd be ok.

An alternative to my Connies?!

If I could pull these off, I so would.

Ditto. Sigh.

Have also seen these on Kate B. Pretty.
Lanvin leopard print ballet flats aka Perfection.