Sunday, November 29, 2009


I want everybody to know how incredibly thankful I am for how great my night was last night. The garden looked beautiful (as did the borrowed rose bushes), the drinks continuously flowed, everyone looked hot, and my presents were rad. Put it this way, I can now afford to buy wayfarers to replace my old ones AND clubmasters - and have a lot of money left over. woo! Said money will obv be kept in my brand new gorgeous miu miu studded wallet (which I received along with marc jacobs stud earrings that I am wearing now).

Obv, it was a good night. However I was very very drunk and want to publicly apologise if I did anything embarrassing/horrible. I do not remember much. I do get flashes of vomming in the toilet. Hmm. A decidedly unclassy way to end the night that was spent in a garden glittering with fairylights, with beautiful bunches of peonies and lisianthus bouquets everywhere. Oh well. My life is a mass of paradoxes.

Friday, November 27, 2009

party dress

In a dream world, this would be my party dress tomorrow night. I kind of became fixated on it after I saw pics of this print on the runway, and I cannot tell you how much I love it on Leighton. I love that she wore it. And while I would never do it justice, I still want it. I think it's the colours. I do not usually wear colour but I feel this would be a good way to introduce it to my wardrobe, other than in accessory form.

why haven't I been drunk since my birthday?

Ok so it turns out in 2 days my family can be quite productive. House has been cleaned, yard has been cleaned, pergola is almost completed but entirely acceptable, fairylights have not only been purchased but hung in the yard, decorations are prepped and ready to be simply placed on tables etc, flowers ordered (lisianthus, hydrangeas, peonies in case you were wondering), marquis assembled, outfit ready, punch bowl + cake stands sourced, projector delivered and working, etc ETC. And let me tell you, there was a lot of 'etc'. But it's pretty much done. Dreadful anxiety replaced by excited nerves. Yay. Oh! I even found a fab vintage floral glass tray. It is awesome.

However, pretty much no-one has r.s.v.p.-d to my beautiful invitations. I wish old-school courtesy still existed. Why am I whining about all this in my blog? None of this is really a 'want'. I guess I just sort of want it to happen and be done with it. It is stressful organising a party. I don't know why - surely the people who love me will not be judging the flower arrangements tomorrow night (though obv, I totally would in the same situation and it would be entirely expected of me I'm sure).

Seriously though, I can't wait to see everybody tomorrow. My party playlists are ready to go MJ + ABBA each get their own allocated party hours.

I also really really really want everyone to enjoy themselves and either a) remember the night filled with fond blissful experiences or b) forget everything that happened in a drunken stupor.

Wish me luck!

P.S. I want to be uber rich one day so that the fantasy parties I plan in my head can out-fabulous P. Diddy's. Life would just be better and easier if I had unlimited resources.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monkey Hot Hug

I really, really, really want a Monkey Hot Hug

Why, only just yesterday I was lamenting the lack of hugs in my life when today I saw this. All my dreams coming true? Possibly. Seriously though, if you see me in the near future - gimme a hug. Or a Hot Hugs Monkey. Only these two options are acceptable.

Also, I want this week to be over. I have been looking forward to my birthday party for like, a year, and now it's rolling around and all I feel is anxious. Things that need to be done in 3 days that have not been done include:

- finalising the delivery and setting up of the marquis.
- ditto the projector.
- seeing if my slideshow will even work on said projector.
- the buying of aesthetically appealing lollies.
- figuring out a way to play music (should I drop a couple hundred on a iPod dock/speakers, or simply use the stereo we have whose sound is apparently 'not great' when it is loud)
- cleaning and disposing of 90% of things in the backyard
- decorating the backyard
- buying decorations for the yard. Including: fairylights, possibly lanterns, pretty tablecloths, flowers, vases, candle holders etc. At the moment, I have one of these things.
- borrow cake stands off people. Organise cakes.
- make playlists for the night

Amongst so much more. My head is going to explode. I want a party planner. I want unlimited resources. Epic sigh. And to top it all off, I lost my Ray Ban sunnies on Saturday after watching New Moon (for the third time). That was after lending somebody else some of my other sunglasses. Karma is a fail. Now I have to replace my wayfarers before I purchase the clubmasters that I really wanted.

sigh sigh sigh.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


and now, I am broke.

HOWEVER it was all totally worth it. David Jones is having an amazing sale, so I bought:

- A Kirrily Johnston dress for my 21st Birthday party. I am not going to post a photo of it, because then it will not be special for my bday. Take my word for it though - PRETTY!

- A PAIR OF PURPLE SUEDE MIUMIU PLATFORMS!!!! THEY. ARE. AMAHZING. I DIE. I LIT-ER-ALLY DIE. Ridiculous cut price, ridiculously amazing. They made my year.

- An entirely blue-sequined cape/vest thing. OK, not even from DJ's and not even on sale. BUT STILL BANANAS.

- Some Kit nailpolish to top it all off. It is called 'midnight' and looks like a dark gunmetal-y purple. And when you put top-coat on it, it turns midnight blue. I die.

I think the universe was looking out for me today and yesterday and was all 'hey. Let's give Aph a break. It is very difficult for her to find a) nice clothes; b) clothes that fit her; c) clothes that fit her WELL (note to EVERYBODY, even if you are skinny: dress not only for your size but your SHAPE. Sometimes what fits is not flattering. You're welcome) and d) reasonably priced. (Nothing I bought today was exceptionally reasonable if you look at the price alone, but when you look at the item, was totally worth it.)

So here are some pics of the vest and shoes. love love love love. love.

I wonder if Brad would think I'm fierce. Hmm.

p.s. how is this a 'want' post? I WANT YOU ALL TO BE JEALOUS. And shower me with compliments when you see me wearing any and all of the above. You will anyway though, coz they are great. And *you* will want them.

p.p.s. Apparently the Calvin Klein limited edition 'Euphoria' Spring (or something) smells really good on me. Just sayin'.

p.p.p.s. Jessie, if you read this: how do you do that thing where the blog posts smaller versions of your pics and then when you click on the pics they get bigger?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

'LA can suck it'


@aphrokap Happy Birthday my love! have a great day! hope you get some fab gifts..xo

Yes, that is the comment I got from Brad, THE Brad (from the Rachel Zoe Project). SERIOUSLY HOW NICE IS HE? If you know me, you know of my love for Brad. He is gorgeous, the most well-dressed man I have ever seen, hilarious, and apparently gorgeously sweet as well. This has just turned into a gushy lame fan post over Brad, but I'll be honest - I don't really care. Because Brad called me love. So, I win at life. I can be as lame as I WANT.

It is also my birthday today, I am 21, and I am blogging. I couldn't sleep last night, awake with anxious thoughts of Brad replying to my tweet. If I blogged last night, that would have been my 'want'. One of my main wants has come to fruition, so I am honouring that. Thankyou so much Brad, you made turning 21 one of my most fabulous experiences. I die.

Ooh I have a want: could someone please start a Brad quotes page? He's very quotable. Do it. (I would, but, you know, super busy...)

Finally, this post needs pics to fully emphasise Brad's fabulousness, no? Yes.

Don't these pictures just make you feel way more awesome than you did a few minutes ago? They do. I feel great about my birthday for the first time all year.

Oh and a video! 2:00 is hilarious, but keep watching because Brad's impersonation of Taylor at 2:45 is priceless. I almost weed a little bit.

Friday, November 6, 2009

i get read

woah. have had like 100 views of my blog in like a few days. that is pretty impressive. I can has fame and fortune now?

Seriously though, I just watched the Great British Menu final, and oh em gee I am totally in love with Glynn Purnell. He is so cute and hilarious and he can cook pretty great. Marriage material! At one point during the homecoming banquet he was getting all nervous and was like "I've only ever cooked it for 3 people, I couldn't try it out on 100 friends...I've only got 4!"

Just, really, he is adorable. Take my word for it. And these pics:

Also, it is my 21st birthday tomorrow. I've already received some lovely birthday wishes and a present but what I want more than anything in the world (apart from any material item I have mentioned thus far in my blog, obv) is a happy birthday from Brad Goreski. I saw he did it for someone today on Twitter so I think it should be my turn. Because I love him more.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

better honours topics

I wish I figured out gender studies was a subject earlier so I could have majored in it and done it for honours next year. Instead, I am doing sociology. I have even chosen a topic already. But, while working on my honours research proposal I realised there were way way WAY better topics I would have liked to write about. Some of these include:

* Tegan and Sara. That's it, really, in a nutshell. Possibly follow the 'lesbian pop-rock identical twins how many trashy appealing adjectives can we fit into one introduction' thing. But really, I just feel I could write a hella amazing thesis on these gals. All the research is done. Whatevs, I know in my heart I am a Dr. of Tegan and Sara.
* The language of trashy tabloid coverlines.
* RPattz. 'Nuff said.
* A picture thesis of my favourite shoes. Possibly the development of the stiletto.
* The impact of youtube suggestion videos on the productivity of life. Subquestion: which videos are the most lethal? (answer: rare tegan and sara banter stories)
* My favourite: Analysing the backstage area of concerts as an abject space (to fans). More specifically, Tegan and Sara's backstage. Research would include me following them around their tour in Australia in May and watching each show from the crowd, with the civilians, and going backstage every night to compare and contrast.

Monday, November 2, 2009

i want to ignore what i know

I know I have lots of work to do. I KNOW I have to wake up tomorrow at 6:20am to go to work and therefore should use tonight wisely and do some of my work before a stupid unreasonable hour. I KNOW that I have 2 more assignments to write, one being worth 60% of my final mark. I know that the 60% assessment includes 2 essays, both of which I've only just barely only started researching for. I know that on Saturday night I will be attending a Ladyhawke concert to bask in her brilliant music/drool from a safe distance, therefore I know that that means an entire night will be wasted and that means I will have so much less valuable time to finish these assignments.


And yet.

All I want to do is go shopping (I need clothes so bad. Not just basics, but birthday outfits. Argh. Desperate) and watch movies in air-conditioned conditioned comfort. I haven't been to the movies in ages (well, I saw This Is It on Friday, but I mean going by myself. Note: That is my FAVOURITE EVER EVER activity, movie-going alone. Scoff if you will, I know I am a happier person than you because of it) and I have soooo much to do but I can't help thinking of all the joy I'm missing out on. Normally, because I go so often, there is only one option left to me when I go to the movies. Now, I have to squeeze all these in asap:

And this, again.

Huna, I might save Whip It for you, and I might save Parnassus for a day when I feel like crying and being depressed. I think Julie + Julia wins for tomorrow. I want to go to a happy place.