Wednesday, February 24, 2010

feeling back in my body, kthx.

Ohhhh my gosh I am so tired. I am so tired I would pass out in an alleyway. But not if there was any cats around or some shit. Ew. Bad experiences with cats.

But seriously I used allll my energy reserves I think. Started the day with work at 7am (ooh seems so long ago!) then went to the gym, then I went to my cousin's house. My cousin has two sons. One is almost two, the other is almost two months. They are both tremendously adorable, but, you know two kids under two can be hard work. So I decided to go keep my cousin company and maybe help out.

Thank God I went because I can't imagine how she would have survived the day by herself. Obviously everyday is tough but unfortunately today the baby had a sore tummy and criiiiied and criiiiied a lot. Oh, and the longest stretch of sleep lasted approximately 7 minutes. BY the time I left at 5 o'clock he had bags under his eyes and very red eyes. Completely over tired. Poor little thing. Awe. I wish I could have sprinkled magic dust all over him to put him into blissful slumber. Not for us to not hear crying, but for the poor thing to be able to relax.

Anyway then I came home. And then went for a 7km walk with intermittent jogging.


Monday, February 22, 2010

rice pudding.

I am going out my mind, craving rice pudding.

For like two weeks I have dreamed about going to Barmuda in Newtown and getting the warm rice pudding. Sadly, this has not eventuated. Also, I feel bad asking my grandma to make some for me. I am 21, not 5 (this makes me sad).

But it is ok, because I have decided to make it myself. Not to sound cocky, but it seems kind of easy as piss. Basically it is just cooking rice in milk. If I fuck it up, y'all have permission to mock me foreverz. I will make a vanilla one, with grilled mango on top (we found three mangoes under our mango tree yesterday, and not one had been ravaged by a shitty bird. This is exciting and different. However, they are very ripe so I have to use them today).

I will also bake a cake for my mum's birthday (it was yesterday, but I was too hungover to do anything much) and do her ironing. Because I want her to be happy. When she is happy, she is nicer to me.

I sound like Susie Homemaker. Not to mention desperate to have a dinner party. How good would I be as a housewife, seriously? Well dressed, good cook...and very good at delegating cleaning to others.

P.S. My life must seem like a total joke. I do go to work, and I am busily and quietly working on my Honours thesis. I just don't talk about that in my blog because that is boring. Don't judge my vapid blog entries.

EDIT: Haha. I fucked it up. Like it's not inedible, but it's not as gooey and runny as I suspect it should be. Mind you, I followed Jamie Oliver's instructions to the LETTER. It didn't help that I was making lunch at the same time and cooked it that teeny tiny bit too much. Hopefully the grilled caramelised mangoes will amp it up.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


YAY! Thanks anybody that has ever read my inane ramblings. I just reached 1000 views. That is so exciting. I hope you keep checking back and enjoying whatever I choose to rant about. Shoes, designers, money, stuff, Gossip Girl...the list goes on.

Speaking of GG though, new ep tonight so you may as well expect a whole lotta expletives tomorrow, probably to do with Serena's ugly clothes, annoying laugh, indecipherable mumbling (not that you'd WANT to decipher it, obv) and the Fabulousness that is Chuck and Blair.

Monday, February 15, 2010

50 more views (for now).

Yo, I want 50 more views of my blog, that would bring me to 1000 (!!!!!!!!!) views. And I want to feel better about myself. Do itttt. Tell your friends. Read it, spread it, love it like a sexy disease!

Furthermore, the epic shoe post kinda morphed into the Alexander McQueen tribute. Basically 90% of the shoes I was going to post happened to be Alexander McQueen, so that took its natural course. I feel like doing an epic something post though. Maybe I'll wait a bit more for some inspiration and do a shoe post eventually. We shall see. Am I leading you on a little bit? I am, I'm a cock/vagina tease.

Oh wells. What else is new? I am very very bored right now. Had a blissful day (aside from work and gym in the morning). Everybody was out all day, I was home alone (thus yielding MANY temptations but I am still largely on my health kick. No carbs after 4pm, less meat, cutting out as much sugar as possible, etc etc) and I watched season 3 of 'The L Word' and 'The Itty Bitty Titty Committee' AGAIN. While that movie kind of shat me, I am obsessed with Daniela Sea all of a sudden.

That movie kicked me in to gear I guess, I never really got into her during TLW, but I am so on that bandwagon now. Also, really liked her coupled with a very sexy Carly Pope. Hot hot hot. I feel a new obsession coming on...YAY. I am getting a bit, well, not bored of my old ones, but am finding them slightly uninspiring.

Therefore, bring on Daniela Sea. On an L word related front, in the past, it has been Shane, only Shane (aka Kate Moennig) with a splash of Tasha (Rose Rollins). But now, I want to create some new daydreams for the many lives I lead in my head. We have a problem though: my dear Daniela is a vegan. Not very compatible on that front. Don't even know if I can convince her to eat meat even in my dreams. Dilemma.

P.S. Am I the only person on the planet that hates Carmen/Lara? ugh.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yesterday, like many around the world, I discovered that Alexander McQueen had died at the age 40. The world became more interesting and beautiful when he began creating. My heart has been dully aching since I heard the shocking news. My mother found it difficult to comprehend that I would have such intense feelings for a designer, for somebody I never knew (she did grudgingly admit it was nothing when compared to my reaction following Heath Ledger's death, as well as the strong feelings I continue to have since that event).

But he was a genius. The world lost a genius yesterday. As sad as it is that he, an individual, is gone, I am also conceptualizing a world without Alexander McQueen and that is depressing as shit. The clothes, the shoes, the jewellery, the attitude, the genius behind it all. This is a tiny, insignificant tribute to one of my all-time favourite designers.

McQueen, the world will greatly miss you and your vision.

Not only transferable to the red carpet, but just as striking and recognisable.

from the armadillo shoe... the perfect pair of flats. He did it all.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

to be cooooool

Oh wow. I have had a lot to be happy about over the last couple of days. Firstly, the Saints won the Superbowl. I did not even know that I wanted them to win, or that I liked gridiron until after the half-time show. It was pretty fun watching them get a touchdown. But it was even better watching them intercept the Colts and THEN score a touchdown. Choosing a team was no mean feat by the way. You see I LOVE Kendra and Hank Baskett, but in the end I had to go with my surrogate family, the Kardassians.

Over the past few months I have also been contemplating the leopard print trend. Until recently, I had a great aversion to leopard-print. However, as my closet is largely monochrome (apart from a few splashes of navy, it IS monochrome), I have wanted to find a way to integrate colour without actually having to like, buy something red. So I bought a leopard print scarf yesterday and I'll be honest - I fucking love it. However, I want to wear it like NOW. But it is far far far too hot to even consider wearing it in this weather aside from like, as a headscarf. But I am not that brave. Summer, go away so I can be cool and wear leopard print.

OOOH also, on my to-do list for the next couple of days I am going to buy some shooooes that I found yesterday and haven't been able to stop thinking about. I love them. They are brogues, slightly metallic and cheap cheap cheap. I die.

AND FINALLY, someone I have been slightly infatuated with is Matthew Evans. He is a food writer for Grazia and just became slightly more accessible to me. You see, since Grazia went up to $6 I have refused to buy it(it is criminal. It is so not worth it. I am a major magazine buff and I KNOW it's not worth it). But it's ok now because Matthew Evans has his own fab website!!! I don't have to buy Grazia now! Go check him out, he writes brilliantly, he doesn't just spout recipes:

P.S. the final FINALLY, I am getting this haircut on Saturday. Yippee I love haircuts! I want cool Alexa hair! And my new fave hairdresser Tenille will be the one to give it to me!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"No seriously, say it again"

Okay, obligatory Gossip Girl post. I can't seem to keep my frustrations to myself whenever I watch Gossip Girl. So rather than rant on facebook, I am venting on my blog. Words cannot describe how much I hate Blake Lively (how unfortunate then that I should try and articulate said hate in a blog).

The fucking mumbling and slurring of her words; the pout; the grating, fake four-year old laugh (; and the constant tits out and bad plastic surgery (nb: you still look like a Tranny, B). Exhibit A (not that you need further evidence):

Everything about her is simply unbearable! Yo Gossip Girl peeps, this is a little something I want you to consider: STOP trying to make Serena happen, she's not going to happen! Can't they kill her off already? It will still provide drama and ratings, only we get to watch the divine Blair deal with it, rather than deal with Serena herself.

Speaking of Blair/Leighton Meester...I. LOVE. HER. Truly, she deserves the spotlight over the shit and bland and shit Blake Lively any day. She is gorgeous, funny, more versatile, and always dressed to perfection. She is immac. I mean, just look:

And my personal fave:

PLUS she is more engaging than Serena. Not to mention funny and one half of one of the greatest t.v. couples ever. GG writers, on top of my Serena death-wish, I want more Chuck/Blair screentime.

Also, this person's top 10 moments are pretty bang-on. For your viewing pleasure:

And my favourite scene, EVER (embedding diabled so go look here):