Friday, March 26, 2010

Epic shoe post.

Feat. Burberry. Wedges. Nicholas Kirkwood.

Lately thoughts of shoes have been weighing heavily on my mind. Desire, lust, indecision, greed...all powerful, pervasive emotions tugging on my soul. Not only do I want so many shoes, but I don't know which ones I want to buy. I don't realistically know what I can afford because I don't know what my work shifts will be after next week. Or if I'll have a job next year after graduating uni.

I also don't know what I want simply because I just can't make up my mind. Somewhere in the last six months I seem to have lost all ability to make my own decisions about what to buy/what is fierce. Buying my birthday dress ALONE in the middle of the CITY was torture. Tor-ture. Like, it was fine, the dress was great, it was Kirrily Johnston and I found bangin' Miu mius to go with it. And yet I almost tore my hair out trying to make a decision. Sigh. I gotta get my own will back and stop haranguing my cousin Anthea over every possible purchase.

Speaking of Anthea, I want all you bitchez to go and buy InStyle this month (Anne Hathaway is on the cover). Why? Because Anthea's illustration is in it that's why! If you flick to page 222 it is next to the Lucette section. So talented. Garance, who?


First of all, I would just like to say that Burberry is bang-on generally, like, all the time. But their Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2010 collection knocked it out of the park. Especially re: shoes. So here they are, my fave Burberry shoes of the moment. Some may be from another season. Who cares. Feast your eyes:

Also: note the socks. Love love love it. I want those socks.

Love these...

but I think they're better in cream.

See runway for reference.

Not sure where these are from. Don't care. They are Burberry. They are divine.

Pretty satin Burberry flats! These would not last on my feet for 20 seconds. They're too satiny and pretty. But I would stare at them a lot.

Okay, onto the wedges. FYI: I used to HATE wedges. I detested them with a passion (as, indeed, the word 'detest' would imply). But then a change happened. I think it started with these...

These Diane von Furstenberg babies changed my life.

I'm pretty sure these are Givenchy. I'm pretty sure I love them.


Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony western buckle wedges.

Chloe Sevigny IN Opening Ceremony western buckle wedges.

These Elizabeth and James ones are ok. But the quest for gorgeous, fuck-off amazing, badass, affordable wedges continues. Holla at me if you find some.

Can we show Nicholas Kirkwood some love now please? Sculptural, beautiful, art.


no-one would step on your toes in theeeese

Next on the agenda: in addition to perfect wedges I have to find the perfect mythical bag. Hot, slouchy tote, not very expensive, not a shitty copy of a designer bag. Doooooooomed.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Ho-ly shit. Lady Gaga concert was last night. SHE BLEW MY FUCKING MIND. And I had very high expectations of mind-blowing. Oh my God (Godga).

I'm not sure what was the most exciting: the piano being on fire and emitting fireballs; the costume changes; seeing her in many of the iconic costumes I've previously admired; the chanting crowd and sea of monster claws; the numerous set-changes (from car-yard to subway to enchanted forest to the monster ball to the generally incredible bad romance finale - amazing); or simply being in Her presence.

I've never been more excited in the lead-up to a concert, never. Even with hardcore obsessions like Tegan and Sara or Placebo. Like I was excited for those, but I have been listening to Gaga continuously for the past week and have had to suppress very public surges of emotion. While listening to my iPod I would suddenly squeal with excitement, try to suppress it, then try not to giggle at myself. I sounded like two screeching cats fucking. I imagine.

Anyway. She rocked that shit. I was speechless. I want her to take a bite of my bad girl meat. I want to cherry cherry boom boom her. Yeah, I don't know, I'm flustered thinking about it and ran out of lyrics. Her voice is phenomenal, the stage set-up was incredible (sometimes, randomly, she would just disappear into the floor and come out in a new costume), and she was very sweet and funny. Lady Gaga, I monster claw you.

Like I said though, one of the most spine-tingling things for me was the fact that she wore so many highly recognisable outfits. My photos kinda suck and are just of the screen anyway, but I prefer doing it this way anyway. These are just some of the outfits she wore last night as shown in high-profile situations where she has worn them previously + some pics at the end of what the show was like:


ALSO FROM THE TELEPHONE VIDEO. You can't really see it here, but obviously you can just go and watch it. She has a couple of variations of this dress but I think it was the one from the vid because it had the same bottom silhouette. Amazing.

Outfit from the Jonathan Ross show. Complete with the CUSTOM-MADE/DESIGNED ARMANI PRIVE SHOES/STILTS. I can't believe she was able to move in them. She needed help up the steps though. Awe-inspiring.

This is one of my faves. Love it. Love love love.

Now... I may be high and imagined it but I'm pretty sure she came out in the rotating circly things for the finale. Mind. Blown. She wore this on SNL if I remember correctly (and I think I do).

THE TRANSFORMING DRESS. I'm assuming it is Hussein Chalayan since he introduced this groundbreaking concept? Or maybe just inspired by him. Either way, incredible. It fanned in and out around her head, grew wings, and the train contracted in and out also. Then she walked to the middle of the sage (like, the part that extends into the audience) and the floor rose and rose and she just stood there while the dress moved, elevated amongst the crowd. Breathtaking.

Ok this is a pic of the opening number outfit/stage set-up. Yes, there is a keyboard in the back of that car.

SHE WORE THE EXPLODING BRA!!!! I swear, at this point I nearly died. I have watched the much music video where she debuted the bra about a million times, utterly transfixed. Imagine what it was like live + music. Dead.

This was probably the highlight of the night. Ok, one of many. Wearing boots higher and spikier than these, she got up on her piano stool and played the piano standing up. In heels. On a stool. Bent all the way over. At one point she even involved her foot in the piano-playing process. I thought she would fall. And then she didn't and I marveled and loved her even more. If possible.

I want to go back. I want to know her, without shattering the image of her in my mind. I want to hug her. And I want to go to another show again, asap. Because she is the greatest performer I've ever seen, or even imagined. Love.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

an invite to the oscars.

However, since Ryan Gosling hasn't met me yet and had the chance to fall in love with me, that's probably not going to happen any time soon. That's ok, I will settle for critiquing it from my couch (for now). This year, as they have been for a while, the Oscars were pretty underwhelming. Oh well, I had some thoughts anyway.

- I did SO love Colin Firth being introduced by Julianne Moore. Two of my favourite people on the planet, looking divine and gorgeous and godlike. Mmmm.

- Oprah was there! That was exciting.


- Peter Sarsgaard kinda surprised me. Holy craps. When he was talking about Carey Mulligan (more on her later) I sort of swooned. Is it just me, or is he dreamy? When did he get all dreamy? It must have been a while ago because he did manage to score the slammin Maggie G. Speaking of, let's move onto the clothes...

Not as good as the Lanvin from last year, but she looks divine. It's a brave lady that can wear bold prints to the Oscars. And a seriously confident, sexy one that can pull it off.

Meryl hit it out of the park in this white Balenciaga creation. She is Meryl and can do what she wants, obviously, but she blew my mind last night. Good job.

NEW CRUSH ALERT. I think it's the pixie cut that finally pushed me over the edge with Carey Mulligan. Divine, and oh so cute. However I will say this: I still sometimes can't tell her apart with Mia Wasikowska. And she needs to let the mullet dresses alone now, she already did it at the BAFTAs in Vionnet.

BEST PRESENTERS, hands down. Tina Fey and RDJ. Could it get any better than that? It even rhymes. Also, much MUCH better dress than the Golden Globes. She looks gooorgeous, despite the hair.

VOM. Even in Dior, this is a FAIL.

BLERGH. Hate her. I'm not sure why the hate has come on so intense for Miss Saldana. I mean, I liked her in Crossroads and even Centre Stage was ok, but now everything about her shits me. The sad half-closed eyes, the weird shaped mouth that always looks contrived (I don't know how, it just does), the forced smile, the disgusting dress...I just can't with her.

Another vom. Elisabetta Canalis is disgusting. George - I don't get it. YOU. ARE. GEORGE. CLOONEY. She is just vile on so many levels. The crap arm tattoo, the trash red dress, eugh. Georgie also bought his bitchface last night (not Elisabetta, his actual face). He didn't seem as smiley and jokey. Sad. Lose the bitchface, both of em.

Diane Kruger, always so much love. Love the Chanel, love the face, love everything.

Ok I know it's Kate Winslet and so this is like blasphemy but whatever. Hated it. Hate the dress, the makeup is boring. I know she wasn't nominated so she wasn't dressing to be the star of the night, but still. I didn't even like her dress last year. I could see her bra through it. Step it up lady, because you are so fierce.

First female to win Best Director! I don't care if she deserved it or not, I just didn't want James Cameron to win. Plus she looks AMAZING. Holy crap, she is keeping that shit tight. Gorgeous.

Slightly surprised to see Nicole Richie there, but I adore her nonetheless. She looks stunning and happy and I love how much she has seemingly changed since being BFFs with The STD Whore.

Rachel can do no wrong in my eyes. And hey, if she can't be with Ryan Gosling, I am happy for this partnership to eventuate. Look how good they look together.

Awe. Sandra Bullock. Another lady that never makes me question my love for her. She won a Razzie on the weekend, and an Oscar last night. Sweet, humble, and always funny, I will always adore her. She looked beautiful, she was humble, and that was just at the Razzies. So. Much. Love. Congrats to her xx

Oh and this is her Razzie speech, how amazing is she?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

my life back

Oh man, I am so not the busy person. You know those weird people that love to be doing things, fill their day to the minute, and thrive on it? I am not that person. I could go three days in a row without leaving the house, in my pyjamas, watching trash tv and dvds.

Today I went to work (for the 4th morning in a row) from 7-9am, went to the gym, dropped off some dry cleaning (how adult does that sound?), went home, showered, did some shopping, did another shift at work, came home, tried not to pass out.

Also: shopping was not the fun type of shopping. It was the 'I have 1 hour to buy like a zillion things I NEED not WANT and get my ass to work' type shopping. However I did finally get my canvas shoe racks for my closet and holy shit my room is amazing. Soooo organised, I've never seen it like this. It's a weird feeling. But I like it.

Anyway, then tomorrow I have to finish a 5-minute presentation I have to do on Tuesday as I will be out of action all weekend (camping. hopefully not peeing in a hole in the ground), not to mention read like a million pages for my other subject (see post below). Last week the most eventful part of my Friday would have been making lunch, then chilling again on the couch.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

less honours work, that would be great

I am a deluded, deluded human being. I know this. I am celebrity-obsessed and have about 15 other life scenarios created in my many daydreams. Similarly, these also involve many celebrities. Currently I am living in L.A. for a three-month duration while my screenplay gets adapted and I work with Diablo Cody and am best friends with Khloe Kardashian, and practically part of the family. In real life I also still have the ill-fated ambition that one day, somehow, I will be rich. LOADED. So delusional am I in fact that I spend hoooouurs trawling real estate websites for mansions I might like to buy around the world. Fave destinations include, but are not limited to, England countryside, New York's Upper East Side, Paris and its surrounding areas, and Mosman. And I start my searches with a minimum purchase price of $4 million.

Basically what I'm trying to say is, I thought my honours year at uni would be a shitload more easy than it's shaping up to be. Oh sure, I engaged in idle chitchat remarking over how difficult it would be, and emphasising the hard work I would put in to my thesis, etc. However this was mainly into tricking my mum that 5 hours of uni classes a week would still be tough. But I didn't really believe it. I thought I would have shitloads of time to research the shit out of my thesis. Until I attended my two classes yesterday and today.

For ONE of the units of study I have TWO course readers! TWO!!! Do the math. That shit don't work. OH and each one is over 460 pages long. That's almost 1000 pages. Fo realz. As my lecturer noted yesterday, she expects us to engage in a minimum of ten hours reading a week. For that class. Plus a one-hour class presentation (SIXTY MINUTES). Not to mention the class I had today. That one entails a presentation almost every single week, plus the corresponding written work.

Which leaves me next semester to find a spare minute to sleep, breathe and do my thesis.