Monday, October 31, 2011

to go hooooome!

AAARGH. I hate Qantas. I hate Alan Joyce. I hate whatever happened that made things get this way. I hate being an anxious, paranoid freak because being messed around like this is killing me. I mean, I almost got a stomach ulcer from the mere stress of flying here and going through customs and security and having to deal with an LA changeover. This is my first overseas trip, I'M NOT EQUIPPED FOR THIS.

Anyway, went to the airport today hoping to get on my booked flight, as I heard Qantas would be resuming flights but told there was nothing leaving New York anytime soon. Nobody was able to help me at the airport, they merely gave me a pre-printed letter explaining that I will have to pay for all my expenses over the next however many days I am here, and I would be reimbursed at a later date. Slight problem. As I was only supposed to be here for three weeks, I only brought a certain amount of money with me and I pretty much have nothing left. 

Additionally, Qantas' airport system was down meaning I could not re-book myself for another flight on Monday/Tuesday and would simply have to call and do my best to get through to someone at Qantas. Over the past two days, I have spent approximately 7 hours on hold, never getting through to anybody. I am currently on hold AGAIN, with no response as yet. The lady at the airport pretty much told me that if I simply turn up to the airport again tomorrow I face the risk of not getting on a flight, as other people would have already re-booked. I'm not sure how this is possible.

All in all, everybody has been completely unhelpful. I have to go back to the airport tomorrow, and possibly even stay ANOTHER night and go back on Tuesday. Which means I might not get to Australia TIL FRIDAY. Note: this is apparently the best-case scenario. I was supposed to be home by Tuesday.

What a total mess.

Luckily for me, my cousin and his wife drove me to the airport, waiting with me to hear the news and subsequently are letting me stay at their house. Thank God. The thought of having no family and having to lug my bags around, getting into a cab and having to find accommodation like other people had to would make me want to die. Even more than I am now.

It could be much, much worse, I know. I currently have my own bedroom, bathroom, huge tv and couch all to myself in a beautiful spot in Long Island. So. Slightly less stressed. Slightly.

But am very much looking forward to coming home. My cousin has her engagement this Sunday, and as her bridesmaid I really, really wanted to be there. If I have to miss this because of Alan Joyce...nothing, NOTHING will be enough to compensate me.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

more more more

Greetings from New York City! I am, obviously, having the time of my life over here. Every day has been packed full of fun-ness (despite waking up decidedly later than I ever plan to) and the weather has been beautiful but unfortunately it's all passing way too quickly. Can't believe I've been here for over a week. Oh noes. Only two more to go. Lots, lots more to do/buy.

So far, I've been to Sephora (twice) and blown my own mind from the awesomeness that exists. On my first visit to the amazing store in SoHo, I spent a shit-tonne of money. Like, $448 worth. I still have palpitations when I see that figure. I only realised how much it all amounted to when I went to the counter and the lovely lady told me I had 448 points on my brand spankin' new Sephora card. "Oh cool!" I said, "how come?" "It's a point for every dollar honey!" *panic panic panic*

Totally worth it though. I still sit and go through all my prods, days later, totally blissed out. Did another little trip to our local Sephora yesterday. Was a lot more restrained, thankfully. Still scheduled two more trips in though, gotta get some prezzies, pick up some more things I couldn't find and decide what I really REALLY liked so I can double up.


I have also bought hella cheap Converse, a pair of fuck-off amazing wedges from Topshop, clogs from Topshop, some cool pretty shirts, and a funny book from the Met called 'Oh my Gods!' about ancient greek mythology, Marc by Marc Jacobs flats (fell hardcore in love for the guy who served me as well, we hung out in the store for ages and I made him laugh, and he made me laugh, and we talked about his tattooed eyelids and I admired how beautiful he was special), jewellery, Diptyque get the idea. Having some trouble finding clothes though. I mean, obviously I can find them - I can see - but you know, good ones that fit me. Hmm. Need desperately to buy a good cocktail dress for my cousin's engagement or I'mma be naked. PASS.

Places I have been (because I've been doing other things than just shopping, you know): as mentioned above, I went to the Met and it was amazing. Contrary to what my NY host will tell you, I did NOT just look for statues of Aphrodite but looked at like, heaps of other shit too. Other highlights include walking the Chelsea Highline (3 times - looking for the girl with the 'popsicles'), DRINKING REAL COFFEE AT CHELSEA MARKET, seeing the view from Top of the Rocks at 30 Rock (trust me, you want to go to there), walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, and of course, meandering the shops in the West Village. Today I took the subway there and just spent hours strolling up and down and doing major damage on my card. It was sunny and leafy and warm and I'm in love.

Sigh. I'll stop now and update again when I get home. Hopefully will have lots more stories to tell in a couple of weeks (and purchases to show).

P.S. Haven't been going out a lot at night though - any good recommendations for not crazy expensive, busy, insane clubs/bars in NYC? I liked 'Employees Only' where we went last night (also in the West Village) and it was awesome. Amazing cocktails, was able to get a table for dinner despite having no reservation and it wasn't TOO crowded. Fun times. But I want more. So. Hit me up.