Saturday, November 7, 2009

'LA can suck it'


@aphrokap Happy Birthday my love! have a great day! hope you get some fab gifts..xo

Yes, that is the comment I got from Brad, THE Brad (from the Rachel Zoe Project). SERIOUSLY HOW NICE IS HE? If you know me, you know of my love for Brad. He is gorgeous, the most well-dressed man I have ever seen, hilarious, and apparently gorgeously sweet as well. This has just turned into a gushy lame fan post over Brad, but I'll be honest - I don't really care. Because Brad called me love. So, I win at life. I can be as lame as I WANT.

It is also my birthday today, I am 21, and I am blogging. I couldn't sleep last night, awake with anxious thoughts of Brad replying to my tweet. If I blogged last night, that would have been my 'want'. One of my main wants has come to fruition, so I am honouring that. Thankyou so much Brad, you made turning 21 one of my most fabulous experiences. I die.

Ooh I have a want: could someone please start a Brad quotes page? He's very quotable. Do it. (I would, but, you know, super busy...)

Finally, this post needs pics to fully emphasise Brad's fabulousness, no? Yes.

Don't these pictures just make you feel way more awesome than you did a few minutes ago? They do. I feel great about my birthday for the first time all year.

Oh and a video! 2:00 is hilarious, but keep watching because Brad's impersonation of Taylor at 2:45 is priceless. I almost weed a little bit.

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