Wednesday, November 4, 2009

better honours topics

I wish I figured out gender studies was a subject earlier so I could have majored in it and done it for honours next year. Instead, I am doing sociology. I have even chosen a topic already. But, while working on my honours research proposal I realised there were way way WAY better topics I would have liked to write about. Some of these include:

* Tegan and Sara. That's it, really, in a nutshell. Possibly follow the 'lesbian pop-rock identical twins how many trashy appealing adjectives can we fit into one introduction' thing. But really, I just feel I could write a hella amazing thesis on these gals. All the research is done. Whatevs, I know in my heart I am a Dr. of Tegan and Sara.
* The language of trashy tabloid coverlines.
* RPattz. 'Nuff said.
* A picture thesis of my favourite shoes. Possibly the development of the stiletto.
* The impact of youtube suggestion videos on the productivity of life. Subquestion: which videos are the most lethal? (answer: rare tegan and sara banter stories)
* My favourite: Analysing the backstage area of concerts as an abject space (to fans). More specifically, Tegan and Sara's backstage. Research would include me following them around their tour in Australia in May and watching each show from the crowd, with the civilians, and going backstage every night to compare and contrast.

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