Sunday, November 29, 2009


I want everybody to know how incredibly thankful I am for how great my night was last night. The garden looked beautiful (as did the borrowed rose bushes), the drinks continuously flowed, everyone looked hot, and my presents were rad. Put it this way, I can now afford to buy wayfarers to replace my old ones AND clubmasters - and have a lot of money left over. woo! Said money will obv be kept in my brand new gorgeous miu miu studded wallet (which I received along with marc jacobs stud earrings that I am wearing now).

Obv, it was a good night. However I was very very drunk and want to publicly apologise if I did anything embarrassing/horrible. I do not remember much. I do get flashes of vomming in the toilet. Hmm. A decidedly unclassy way to end the night that was spent in a garden glittering with fairylights, with beautiful bunches of peonies and lisianthus bouquets everywhere. Oh well. My life is a mass of paradoxes.

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