Friday, November 6, 2009

i get read

woah. have had like 100 views of my blog in like a few days. that is pretty impressive. I can has fame and fortune now?

Seriously though, I just watched the Great British Menu final, and oh em gee I am totally in love with Glynn Purnell. He is so cute and hilarious and he can cook pretty great. Marriage material! At one point during the homecoming banquet he was getting all nervous and was like "I've only ever cooked it for 3 people, I couldn't try it out on 100 friends...I've only got 4!"

Just, really, he is adorable. Take my word for it. And these pics:

Also, it is my 21st birthday tomorrow. I've already received some lovely birthday wishes and a present but what I want more than anything in the world (apart from any material item I have mentioned thus far in my blog, obv) is a happy birthday from Brad Goreski. I saw he did it for someone today on Twitter so I think it should be my turn. Because I love him more.

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