Tuesday, November 10, 2009


and now, I am broke.

HOWEVER it was all totally worth it. David Jones is having an amazing sale, so I bought:

- A Kirrily Johnston dress for my 21st Birthday party. I am not going to post a photo of it, because then it will not be special for my bday. Take my word for it though - PRETTY!

- A PAIR OF PURPLE SUEDE MIUMIU PLATFORMS!!!! THEY. ARE. AMAHZING. I DIE. I LIT-ER-ALLY DIE. Ridiculous cut price, ridiculously amazing. They made my year.

- An entirely blue-sequined cape/vest thing. OK, not even from DJ's and not even on sale. BUT STILL BANANAS.

- Some Kit nailpolish to top it all off. It is called 'midnight' and looks like a dark gunmetal-y purple. And when you put top-coat on it, it turns midnight blue. I die.

I think the universe was looking out for me today and yesterday and was all 'hey. Let's give Aph a break. It is very difficult for her to find a) nice clothes; b) clothes that fit her; c) clothes that fit her WELL (note to EVERYBODY, even if you are skinny: dress not only for your size but your SHAPE. Sometimes what fits is not flattering. You're welcome) and d) reasonably priced. (Nothing I bought today was exceptionally reasonable if you look at the price alone, but when you look at the item, was totally worth it.)

So here are some pics of the vest and shoes. love love love love. love.

I wonder if Brad would think I'm fierce. Hmm.

p.s. how is this a 'want' post? I WANT YOU ALL TO BE JEALOUS. And shower me with compliments when you see me wearing any and all of the above. You will anyway though, coz they are great. And *you* will want them.

p.p.s. Apparently the Calvin Klein limited edition 'Euphoria' Spring (or something) smells really good on me. Just sayin'.

p.p.p.s. Jessie, if you read this: how do you do that thing where the blog posts smaller versions of your pics and then when you click on the pics they get bigger?

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