Monday, September 7, 2009


I worked out this afternoon. Yeah, I went to THE GYM. It took every fibre of my being, allllll my effort to get my ass there, but I did. Well, obv not alllll my effort coz I still had to do the workout. But THAT officially took it all. You see, I am so tired I can barely even see straight. My head is all spinny.

I want it to stop.

You see, I did not go to the gym at all last week, and I think I felt I had to overcompensate and fit the energy of 3x workouts into one. And now I am dead.

I want very much to be alive again.

However, I have something else to add to this want post. Rather than wanting this last thing, I actually ACHIEVED one of my desires today. Not the Chanel bag. Nothing from/in Balmain. Not Ray Ban Clubmasters. I HAVE BECOME A PRO AT BORROWING LIBRARY BOOKS.

Yeah let that sink in baby. Not only did I go to the library 2 weeks before essay due date, but I have some sort of divine gift for tracking down books. Whether it be simply from the reference number, or even FROM THE SORTING SHELF, I can find it! Genius.

And, as is only apt, a pretty picture:

Vivienne Westwood ring plz.

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