Thursday, September 24, 2009

huna. robsten. hairz.

First and foremost, I want Huna to return. Well, I guess my main wish is for her to have a rad time while doing herself some right mischiefs (sp?) in L.A. And then come home soon. And then regale me with her hilarious and brilliant and unbelievable and probably, let's face it, delinquent adventures. Today I felt the pangs of missing you more than ever. No snide comments during the gender lecture, no pants being set on fire, no lazing in the sun after. And most importantly, nobody to keep me sane and remind me to stop being needy and pathetic.

Love you <3

On a more superficial note, I would like magazines to NOT use photoshopped images of Rpattz/KStew when attempting to 'prove' that they are a couple. I read (on average) 5 magazines a week and at least 3 gossip websites daily. Do not insult my intelligence with crappy photoshop. This is two pictures.

And finally, I want my hair long. Like this. I am currently in the awkward growing-out stage. UUUUGH.

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