Thursday, September 17, 2009

shoes. slurpee. jewellery.

Oh man. What a day. Can Winter come back plz? Hot and sweaty is not my bag. (Minds. gutter. out.) So that's the first thing I want. The second thing I want is for to be awake again. I had a very long day and just got home an hour ago and am still too tired to be productive. HELP! Looking at photos of Rihanna on Google is not sufficient research (it is research, yes, but not enough to do a case study on).

But THE most important thing of the day, is this. I had one earlier (5 whole hours ago!) and now I want another. I had a raspberry before, want blue now please.

These amazing, heartstopping, shoes. And foot-stomping stopping too, I'm sure. I bet Rihanna already has them. Fierce bitch.

And in keeping with the hardcore theme, how fucking rad is this Burberry ring? It's barbared wire! Great success.

Note: It is my 21st birthday on the 7th of November. If you read my blog. No excuses for not knowing what I want. Just sayin'.

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