Tuesday, September 22, 2009

things that will make me feel more right tonight

Because I do not feel quite right (as one would infer from my blog title) there are some things that I want/need (second blog maybe) that I think would help. Maybe they wouldn't, but we can't know that for sure.

- sleep. This is obv a possibility I'm just not ready yet. I get to sleep in tomorrow, it would be ridiculous to waste that.
- a celebrity puzzle book. I just finished the Woman's Day (shuddup) crossword/starburst/find-a-word in 20 minutes.
- Guitar Hero 5 to fucking man up. I only played like 5 songs before the shit freaked out and froze. Oh well. At least I'll have the memories. Nothing below 95% tonight wooo! (do you think it's telling the game fucked up during 'sex on fire'?)
- air con.
- slurpee.
- some kind of sedative, I am all a-flutter.
- for the download of lady gaga's acoustic version of paparazzi at the chapel (thankyou jessie) to fucking work so I can put it on my 'ultimate pop that I like in September' cd*.
- to listen to said cd while reading Frankie on my bed listening to the storm.

I am going to do the last 2 things now. And tomorrow I am going to watch (500) days of summer OR the young victoria. Will decide laterz.

love love love xo

* suggestions welcome.

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