Friday, September 11, 2009

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Because I'm such a nice person and seem to be recommending amusing websites to people a lot, I decided to compile a list of websites I think YOU will want to look at. I know, I'm nice.

The greatest and my favouritest atm, My Life Is Average: (far, far superior to

My other favourite site right now involves people submitting drunken/funny texts they have received. This is a genius website.

The average version of

I pretty much find out all my celebrity info from this site. Even if you ain't into trashy gossip sites, this is hilaaaarious and well worth checking. Otherwise I will just continue posting links to it in my fb status:

If you like pretty clothes/jewellery/SHOES then you probably already know about this site, but just in case:

ALSO A VERY GOOD ONE. This involves pictures of disgusting fattening meals that people have created. It's awesome. One of my faves is the deep fried battered cadbury creme egg. 'mazin.

And lastly, this one is not a good want, it made me want to VOM:

Enjoy x

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