Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscars Best

And just like that, awards season is over for another year.

Ellen did an amazing job hosting and I'm sort of glad there was no dancing. The tweet that broke the internet, the Liza Minelli drag queen joke and the "if 12 Years a Slave doesn't win best picture, you're all racists" comment were all perfectly en pointe. Well done lady!

It was a festive, exciting, tense, wonderful day, better than Christmas and my birthday and NYE all rolled together. It should be a public holiday! I bet not everyone is lucky enough to be able to watch at work and let's be honest, is there anything that sounds more fun than an Oscars party? Imagine the drinking games!

But until then, it's time to wrap up for another year. Thanks for reading, I hope it inspires some healthy discussion about dresses and beauty looks and who deserved to win or not. But ultimately, I hope you agree with me and see that I'm 100% right.

BRANGELINA!!! The ultimate in celebrity royalty (Jay Z and Beyonce are the Presidents obviously, relax) they came to play and they did not disappoint. Firstly, Angelina is not wearing black (or white, for that matter). It is a beautiful steely grey that offset her complexion to perfection and I can't even hate on the sleeves. She can wear whatever she damn wants and be the most stunning person in the room. And Brad! Brad looks amazing! Whatever he's doing (fillers? botox? WHAT IS IT??) it's working a treat on him! Great hair too! Too many exclamation marks?! My heart is fluttering. This is what Pitt Porn does to me. Congrats on the first Oscar Brad! Loveyouguyscallmeokbye!

I love how pretty much every time Catherine Martin works on a big production they just give her all of the awards. And quite rightly might I add. 'The Great Gatsby' was a feat of gorgeous fantasy. And I like this dress weirdly a lot. I'm not sure why, but I enjoyed looking at it. So there.

More collective office gasping for Charlize, let me tell you. I really love her hair and the neckline of this dress and that diamond hanging off her neck…dayum. Has she ever had a dramatic moment in black before? Was this the moment? I enjoyed it.

Pretty sure not even Kate-haters can hate on this dress (note: I am not one of them, I love her). It just kept getting better and better the more camera panned up and down it! Beautifully fit and structured, ugh and that glowy face! Simply divine. I feel like I'm gushing, am I gushing? I'm probably gushing. 

This one delighted me at first, then I wasn't sure, then I decided I loved it. I think. Wait. Yep, I think I do. Particularly: the sharp shoulders, interesting clutch and cool hair quiff. 

Previously it was in no particular order but now these are my top two. Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen is a revelation. She is crazy-beautiful, charming and incredibly sweet and I only ever want the best for her and this dress is The Best. I feel like fist-pumping (I will refrain). Yay Sandy!

I mean, duh. Lupito Nyong'o wowed us throughout the entire awards season and then she turns up in Prada looking like this. What a win. I'm not sure there's anybody else more universally beloved at the moment and I'm not sure I want there to be. I love watching her - on film, what she wears, how she speaks, everything, everything, everything. She is simply delightful. Special mention must also go to her carefully-thought-out accessories that elevated her entire look - I want a headband like that now and those cuff earrings were badass. Also can we please be best friends Lupita if you're reading this? Your half of the friendship necklace is already in the mail.

The big winners. Exactly as I predicted. What a great way to end awards season! Actually the only way to top it would be with a Lupita and Jared wedding…let's make it happen team.

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