Monday, March 3, 2014

Disappointment is worse than anger

It's worse when someone is staring at you with disappointment and it's a shittier feeling to have than just being mad at ugly dresses.

I'm disappointed with Kerry, J-Law and Cate because I have seen them do so much better and they should be fail-safe happy places for me. For all of us. But especially Cate. I could not even manage to put her on the 'beige blah' list because it hurt too much. I couldn't have a 'worst' list because I might have to put her on it, based on the sheer level of disappointment.

So I created a new list. For Queen Cate. Who I can't hate on.

Kerry Washington

So. This is what Kerry Washington wore today. Yep, a rumpled-looking sheet the colour of dirty dishwater held up by a pin. WHILE BELLY CUPPING. Below is the usual kind of standard we can expect from Olivia Pope. Please note how much more interesting and colourful and structured and different she usually looks. Like, I look forward to a red-carpet appearance by Kerry and today she disappointed me to an extent where I felt a pang in my chest where the cold dark void used to be filled with a heart.

Jennifer Lawrence

Before you jump down my throat, yes, it's largely inoffensive. It fits well, it's a different silhouette to her usual Dior and it's colour. I agree with all of the above positive facts. HOWEVER. I generally hate red on a red carpet. She has also had multiple 'red' moments before. The first one was her best and will never be repeated and she looked like a sexy bombshell. 

ALSO she wore a backwards necklace dangling down her back last year. You can't do that two years in a row. ALSO ALSO her hair (which I love short btw) just made her look old. ALSO ALSO ALSO was she even wearing makeup?! I'm not saying she should be plastered with it because she is so beyond stunning and flawless, but a liiiiittle something to emphasise her eyes wouldn't have gone astray. I miss this J-Law:

Cate Blanchett

Of course it's not bad. It's just…so far below Cate's usual standard that it truly upsets me. Because if I can't rely on Cate who CAN I rely on in this world?! 

Obviously, it's beige-nude. It's sparkly. And it has netting shoulders. Her face however, continues to take my breath away because, look at her. She is a walking SK-II advert. I'm so sad about this dress though because La Blanchette is usually my best dressed of the night and each of the below outfits are now some of my all-time favourites ever, ever! Let's revisit some of her best.

See Cate?! This is why you should never play safe!!! Argh, she is going to strike me down with an icy stare from afar isn't she?

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