Monday, March 3, 2014

The dudes

It's very easy for the boys to fly under the radar at awards shows with a black tux, decent hair and non-orange foundation and therefore, be successful at looking acceptable.

So imagine my shock and delight this year when it was the DUDES who turned up in whacky coloured outfits! Shock and delight I tell you! Shock. And. Delight.

Look, if Bill Murray turns up anywhere it is a good day. Let's just be thankful for his presence and smilye at his little wonky green bow-tie.

All-round gasps in the office today when handsome Hemsworth appeared let me tell you! Not gonna lie, I didn't even realise his tux was maroon until I started googling images of him hours later. Because I was dazzled by his face. I was not however dazzled enough to not notice his wife's outfit (like another workmate of mine, ahem) which was gross. Why must it belly cup itself? We can see you are pregnant and also very thin. Well done. You didn't need to do this to yourself Elsa Pataky.

Jared Leto is 42 years old. I repeat, Jared Leto, he of the luscious ombre locks, perfect golden skin and sparkling blue eyes is 42 years old. Jordan Catalano is 42 and has an Oscar. So let's all process that, yeah? I was obviously overjoyed he won (AS I PREDICTED) and thought his speech was incredibly sweet and can now see where he gets his amazing genes from. HOWEVER. I'm not sold on the red tie. It's a little…tacky. Lesbereal he didn't even need a bow-tie, I would have been mesmerised by his eyes/hair if that garish red thing wasn't screaming for my attention.

I didn't even notice him on the red carpet, was he there?! Did I miss it?? Anyway, Leo looks fine I guess. He will never be as pretty as his 'Romeo and Juliet' days but he is looking better than he has in a while. Well done sir, credit where credit is due. And relax all you crazies, Leo will get his Oscar and he will get it soon. This was not his time, so just chill. It will happen. 

On the other hand, welcome to the McConaissance! What a delightful career comeback to witness! Alright alright alright, fight it as you may, it was McConaughey's time. It's more fun to just accept this fact and forget about Leo okay? His speech was pretty loopy but I wouldn't have him any other way. Just keep livin'. 

Michael B. Jordan is a TALENTED BABE and is wearing AWESOME SHOES. I might love him. I think I do love him. Yep, I do. It's love.

Pharrell is in shorts. So. That happened. And whoever is with him is dressed in that awesome outfit. My love can stretch to these two too. So much love! 

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