Monday, March 3, 2014

The Dark Side

On the other hand, we now have the dark moody ones (aka those closest to my heart). I feel like if tweaked some of these, they would be outstanding. As they are in their current states though, well, I have thoughts.

Look clearly this isn't bad, I just feel like it could be better. As discussed at length today, I think her hair should be red (italics are fun and emphatic) because it would really make her features pop. She could also use some jewels I think. Besides, she has already had her navy moment and it was good

Oh my gorgeous Anna Kendrick are you doing the Angelina leg?!?! What's happening at your midriff??? I enjoyed the back (cannot find pic yet sorry) but…no. Nice hair and makeup though, I appreciate the red lip.

First and foremost - well done on improving the boob dart situation from last year. I do actually really like this cut and style and the theory of this dress, however I wish the chest area wasn't clad in crystals. I think this would have been so, so, so amazing if it was like, metal or something fuck-off badass like that. You know? You know. Also she seemed to be on the verge of tears while presenting and I want to shake her and say "STOP APOLOGISING FOR YOUR EXISTENCE. YOU ARE VERY TALENTED." One day.

I weirdly like this. It seems a bit sporty up top but it kind of works considering her role here today? Which is to say, not nominated and not a focus at all. And LOVE her red lip, it makes such a difference. I think I have an issue with the hair though? It looks…messy. And like she doesn't know how to work her extensions. I wish she was still rocking her short hair, it must be a pretty sweet bob by now. Can we be friends Emma? I just want to help because I like you is all.

Snooze-fest. And maybe a bit witchy? Whatever, are you even still reading this? Look at that face. She is dazzling.

ARGH. LOVE SO MUCH. Great fit, red lip, beautiful accessories Miss Karen O has nailed this look. I actually get surprised when musicians don't fail at the Oscars. Which is not fair, but history dictates this is often the case. All over this one though. I actually got no shade to throw. 

This looks better from certain angles than others, and at this angle, it is pretty damn good. Oh hai Margot Robbie! I feel like a cherry red lipstick would have elevated this to a whole other level though, as opposed to the very dark plum thing she has happening because it's a bit much. 

Sigh. Olivia Wilde is really working hard to win me over and I think she's done it. I love this black velvet design on her and I really love that she didn't stoop to the dreaded belly-cupping on the red carpet. It's a pet hate of mine and she passed the test with flying colours. Stunning. Also snaps for Jason Sudeikis who is looking so great at the moment. 

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