Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another Runaway

It's official. I have converted. I am a part of team K-Stew.

I have oscillated wildly between my feelings for one Miss Kristen Stewart from scathing hatred to 'ooh she's a bit hot and subversive of bimbo Hollywood stereotypes'. But now I simply adore her. Yes, she seems like an angsty teen. Yes, she looks a bit stoned in many pictures. Yes, she seems awkward in a lot of her interviews.

However I truly believe she is just shy and totally self-reflexive. If you've seen the Oprah interview, you know what I mean. She attempts to verbalise the trouble she has verbalising what she wants to stay, and you can see her visibly struggling to get the best words out so she is not msirepresented and it is kind of endearing.

Also, I have never been able to hate someone that good-looking. It's not in my nature.

Anyway, speaking of K-Stew, I reeeally really want to see "The Runaways" (her upcoming film with Dakota Fanning, playing Joan Jett and Cherie Curry, respectively). It looks super fabulously good. The kiss scene alone has sold me on how rad it will be. Take a gander for yourself:

Also, the chemistry between them in real life is so sweet. I believe this comfort may positively influence Kristen's acting in "The Runaways". She doesn't seem so stoic and worried (at least judging from the trailer - see below)

The trailer:

Can you belieeeeve Dakota Fanning is 16? She's amazing.

As is my homegirl Kristen. I indulge in daydreams which consist of her coming to study at Sydney Uni (shut up she has expressed a desire to do so in interviews - she wants to come here because her mum is Australian and study English Literature at Usyd WHICH IS WHAT I DID) and she asks me for directions, and I keep my cool and suppress the Twi-Hard and we become bffs and she wants a roommate so I get to live with her in a cool house for free and R-Pattz comes to visit all the time. I haven't really thought about it that much.

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