Monday, January 13, 2014

The very best of the 71st Golden Globe Awards

Finally! We are getting to the light at the end of a sometimes bleak and often shit-covered tunnel!

With no further ado let's get to the good stuff.

Lupita Lyong'o is so bloody beautiful it's ridiculous. Collective gasps around the office proved this was an immediate favourite (even if it has the essence of Gwyneth's white Tom Ford cape...still good).

Yaaaaaay Tina recovered beautifully from the flamingo tragedy that will heretofore never be mentioned again!

HOLY HELL HOW STUNNING IS AMY POEHLER? I mean, I already knew but DAMN she is looking INCREDIBLE. I don't believe there is any language superfluous enough to describe her. 


Should I even bother explaining? Flawless Cate remains flawless. Forever. Cate Blanchett wins alllll of the awards. Seriously. Just give her all of them.

Oh hey Margot Robbie you are so my new favourite!!! Really like that she did not pair this with a boring white shoe or something. So, so, so gorgeous and that dress fits her like a glove. And can we please note how effortlessly she recovered from having nothing to read on the teleprompter? Not bad for a rookie.

Honourable Mention

This bitch. Love everything.

PHEW. So clothes are done for another year I just have one last post coming up with highlights from the show! Stay tuned and thanks for reading! I just love award season. Swoooon.

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