Monday, January 13, 2014

People who make me want to punch myself in the face with excitement

...because I don't want to punch myself in the face with rage.

Which is an improvement, I guess? Solid effort from these guys, with an altogether pleasing after-effect. Like palate cleansers, even!

Okay, okay hear me out. Elisabeth Moss looked stunning when I first saw her, and I don't think the bottom is enough to detract from how pleased this initially made me. Also she added some more vibrant red lippy which was divine when she won her award and graced the stage. Some eyeliner wouldn't have gone astray though, and better shoes. Just saying.

Emilia Clarke has barely ever had a mis-step I think. This was really structured and made me smile and I can't hate on Daenarys, lesbereal.

Jordan Catalano has a Golden Globe!!! How lovely is Jared Leto when he comes to play?? So dapper and pretty and that luscious hair! Oh how I wish he wore it out. Just divine.

This isn't the best picture of Jessica Chastain's dress, but you can see the detail nicely. This is a good black dress for when you know the evening is not about you, but you still want to look nice. Well done gorgeous Jessica, my gorgeous queen. But just like last year, this hair is not working for me (or you) and also some eye makeup would have enhanced everything so nicely...

I just really like this picture. HEY GUYS LEMME BE YOUR FRIEND.

Gorgeous, gorgeous family. Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon are so bangin' still, and look so in love, I would be devastated if anything happened to this union. Stunning daughter too, but how could she fail with those genes?

Another ridiculously gorgeous couple. Liev's suit fits impeccably and Naomi is stunning in Tom Ford. Not that she ever gets it wrong anyway. I wish I could find a picture of the back detail too, that neckline extended down the low-cut back of the dress, so pretty.

Ladies and gents, Nicholas Hoult, aka my #2 (preceded only by my #1 Taylor Kitsch) who also happens to be dating my #2 lady, Jennifer Lawrence (Sara Quin is #1 forever as if you needed to ask). Look at those eyes. Oh my goodness, my stomach is doing somersaults.

Sort of pains me to admit as I don't really like her but she looks stunning. Super pregnant, super beautiful. Credit where credit is due Olivia Wilde. 

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