Sunday, February 10, 2013

The problem(s) with 'Girls'

I'm obviously talking about the show and not in fact my gorgeous fellow ladies in general.

I like 'Girls' and I have seen every episode. I will probably continue to do so. I've been watching from the beginning and I am invested. Just like a real friendship, sometimes I get annoyed, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I roll my eyes, but I look forward to our weekly rendezvous and I'm in it for the long haul.

But goddamn is Lena Dunham irritating as fuck.

If you haven't seen her grating, obsequious display at the Golden Globes, you really should check that shit out before we continue:

Ugh. As you can see, Tina Fey was not impressed. Like really, Lena, everybody else exists just to make your life easier and make you feel accepted and happy and flowers and rainbows? Heads up: 'Girls' getting any kind of recognition is not the universe's way of validating you. Every cast and crew member does not work on the show simply to give your life meaning.

By the way, Tina really did not care for that remark. Look at her face. In her beautifully sardonic manner, Tina Fey brilliantly calls Lena out on her shit. And then tears Taylor Swift a new asshole. WHERE WERE YOU CAMERA MAN? WHY DID NOBODY CUT TO HER FACE? I SHOULD BE RUNNING THIS SHOW!

But I digress. I'm not just trying to cyber bitchface Lena Dunham in this post, I do have a point.

And that point is, if Dunham herself is so cluelessly un-self-aware (heads up: you had a very comfortable background growing up and got a $3 million book deal before you'd even written a word - the world is not out to get you and you don't need to do the overwhelmed Swifty "oh my gosh is it really me?!" thing every time something good comes your way) how will Hannah herself grow as a character?

The most unbearable part of each episode of 'Girls' (apart from Jessa, everything about Jessa) is Hannah's complete lack of self perception coupled with her emotional immaturity. And after Dunham's display at the Golden Globes I realised that she too exhibited these very characteristics. Which leads me to believe that whatever hope I had for Hannah to demonstrate any form of personal growth might be as fruitful as hoping for a Gosling/Mendes breakup any day now (he just cast her in his first directorial debut - i.e. pre-production, filming, post-production, promotion, premiere...ugh).

It's not happening anytime soon.

Which means Shosh, it's all on you to continue being as adorable and sweet as possible in your first-ever relationship with Ray to not let the team down. They are doing great so far and I think it comes down to Zosia Mamet's acting abilities (so, so incredibly endearing) as opposed to Dunham's writing. No offence.

Also: Marnie is a jerk. Charlie is a jerk. Charlie's girlfriend is a jerk. Jessa, as alluded to above, is a jerk. Adam is a gross jerk.

Just because you're trying to be hipster and edgy and different doesn't mean everybody has to be a jerk! In real life, people have redeeming qualities. Enough to make you care about them. 'Girls' is really taking its time in making this happen and soon we, the audience, will stop being invested in a bunch of white jerks running around NYC.

N.B. Lena, what is with the brief flashes of guest character arcs? Are new people only ever written in for 2-3 episodes? That is not enough! Take some time to develop a new character as opposed to giving us the divine Donald Glover for two meagre episodes (in which his arc made no sense - you can't just spring 'Republican' on us in the second episode with no background or foresight and hope that's enough of a plot twist to get rid of him, nor is it enough to 'diversify' the show). Chris O'Dowd was also severely under-utilised. Next up apparently is Patrick Wilson. Again, keep the guest stars, and give us someone new and meaty to get stuck into.

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