Monday, August 8, 2011

Neeeew Yooork

So, I think I’m going to New York in October. I KNOW. So exciting. I have never been overseas before so am about to jump out my skin. Even though I am currently undergoing the arduous task of getting a new birth certificate (as my mother lost my original one) and applying for a new passport (I HATE FORMS) I am still undeterred.

However, all I can pretty much think about is NOT being reunited with Huna, my love and closest celebrity-gossip-sharing confidante; NOT experiencing the city that never sleeps and immersing myself in this fabulous culture that I’ve been hearing about since, like, forever; NOT meeting my family for the first time (although, admittedly, that IS pretty exciting) but about all the beauty products I want to buy.

I have serious problems. I am aware of this. BUT THEY ARE JUST SO CHEAP OVER THERE.

OPI? Cheap as chips in the old U.S. of A! MAC? Drugstore brand! NARS? A mere $24 for a lipstick! (c.f. $58 Australian…!) I think I’m hyperventilating. For someone who spends so much hard-earned cash on beauty products weekly, I feel like I’ll actually be SAVING money in New York. Or something. Math is hard.

I haven’t even MENTIONED the money I’ll save as I buy things from Topshop and Marc Jacobs! (I need a watch, for realz).

Look at all the famous landmarks I’ll be going to!

So is there anything else I should do/see in NY? That's pretty much it right? I got this covered.

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