Tuesday, August 9, 2011

If only I could turn back tiiiime

So I’m reading Lainey’s blog this morning, as I do every weekday, and she made an illuminating point about Nicole Kidman. It’s sad that is so, so true:

“There is no art to saying someone looks like a pig. It’s not clever and it’s not original. There is, then, no intent here to snark on Nicole Kidman. The reason I’m saying she looks like a pig is because, well, she actually looks like a pig. She wasn’t, of course, born looking like a pig. She was born with lovely features. Lovely porcelain skin. Lovely eyes. A lovely nose. Her own lovely, thin lips.

Check out Nicole Kidman on the set of The Paperboy with Matthew McConaughey in New Orleans the other day. Without lighting, without makeup, look at how she’s f-cked with her face, look at all the work. Look at how all the work is working against itself to make her look worse. Look at how the fillers in her cheeks are pushing her eyes up and closer together, making them so beady. Look how that is affecting her nose, like a snout. And look how her lips, all three of them, injected so many times, squeeze around her teeth, so that they buck out front, an open mouth breather through the slop.”

And it got me thinking about how very, very beautiful she once was. For me, she was one of the greatest. Her natural beauty could rival Cate Blanchett’s. Post-divorce and post-Moulin Rouge she was downright heavenly. Can’t we go back to that?

Argh. Divine. I could pray at her feet. It made me so sad when she started messing with her shit. Why mess with perfection? Even sadder is how she can’t seem to stop. She’s going harder and more intense with the face stuff and I just want to shake her. What did SHE keep seeing in the mirror (which we all thought was not only fine, but truly amazing) that she thought needed work? To see her now is almost heartbreaking. I wish she could go back in time and correct her mistakes but would she even want to?

And now some pics that demonstrate what Lainey was talking and just how crappy she looks now, compared to then. Ahh. Silly woman.

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