Monday, January 24, 2011

MAC Pigments

So, I am not living under a rock - I have heard about MAC Pigments a billion times. I have seen them every time I go to Myer/David Jones. However, the thought of a loose, highly pigmented powder eyeshadow never filled me with much desire. In fact, it made me shudder and cringe at the thought of the infinite horrible messes I could create both on my face and in my bathroom.

Especially considering that I once dropped half a container of crumbled black eyeshadow onto a friend's white bedspread once. I don't think she was able to save it. I still feel bad about this. SORRY!

So you can see why MAC Pigments did not really appeal to me. At least, until I saw this incredibly simple and incredibly effective demonstration of how to create a really good smoky eye:

I was intrigued by the beautiful colour he applied so I went and checked it out. Little did I know, 'Mauvement' was a limited edition and wasn't available for a while. And then, because I couldn't get it, I became obsessed with it and decided I had to have it.

Anyway, I went shopping for makeup on the weekend with Maca who, as we have discussed, is a total babe and happens to be my shopping soulmate. On our little expedition I finally found the oh-so-coveted 'Mauvement' and bought it, gleefully. I have been playing around with it and it is truly gorgeous. I haven't even spilled it (yet)! Now I've jinxed myself. Oh well. It's so pretty, it'll probably be worth it. And now I am obsessed and must have more colours! More more more. More.

So far I've decided I want these:

'Vintage Gold' - open to other goldy suggestions though.


Better look at 'Bloodline'


'Copper Sparkle'

This looks like a more realistic pic of what 'Copper Sparkle' looks like

Or just, you know, any or all of these.

This is 'Mauvement', which I bought.

Aren't they divine? I am particularly keen on 'Copper Sparkle' - apart from coral, bronzey colours are very in you know. And apparently because you need to use so little (seriously - dipping the brush into the powdery residue on the lid is plenty to use on one eye) these babies last forever. A clever investment for $39 Australian. Unless you're going overseas soon, in which case, don't bother everything is cheaper away from here.

Oh and because I don't know how to save my money and when I want something I have no self-restraint, I also bought this stuff:

And yes, it really is as good as everyone says.

Got this in khaki - also folds under and makes a super cute top.

Aaaand I got these in brown - 50% of the sale price. Win.

Maca also bought the same clogs (because like I said, we are shopping soulmates and have infallible taste) PLUS I got a grey dress made out of almost tracksuit-y type material (but not quite) which I can't find a picture of online, and cannot be bothered to take a pic of it, so use your imagination. The best bit is everything I bought fits seamlessly into my wardobe and mix and match with each other perfectly. Win win win. I saw another dress I want though and didn't have enough $$$ for it...hmm...must go back. I will become increasingly and steadily obsessed until I get it:
Cute, right? Right.

 Now must devise genius plan to somehow get more money. Note: working hard is not an option. Also: any recommendations for good mascaras? My Rimmel mascara (not Glam Lash, the other one) has pretty much all dried up and turned clumpy. Superfail.


  1. If you're a clutz at times (I am), just keep a folded piece of wax paper in your makeup kit. Then when you are using loose makeup, pull out the sheet, unfold it and open the makeup on top. You can pour any spills back in.