Monday, January 10, 2011

Give Boobs Legsly a rest

Ugh. It's been a while since I've done a post hating on Boobs Legsly (Blake Lively for the uninitiated, but it's pretty self-explanatory) so I thought it was time for an update.

I was so happy for a while. I'm not sure if you heard, but she lost out on the role of Daisy in Baz Luhrman's upcoming adaptation of 'The Great Gatsby'.Carey Mulligan got the role instead. What actually kills me is that Blake thought SHE was a viable option to be cast in the role.


Really thought it could compete with this:

Carey Mulligan in the above picture is showing more emotion than Blake Lively has ever portrayed in her entire career. And yet they persist. Wintour and Lagerfeld they insist that she is the Next Big Thing. Endless Vogue covers and a new (inevitable) Chanel campaign all trying to tell us that Boobs Legsly is an amazingly talented actress, a style icon, worthy of our time. Are you fucking kidding me?

Regardless of talent (has to be regardless, because she doesn't have any) her sartorial choices alone scream "Tits and Ass!" Is that a style icon now? Was that what Kate Moss was doing all this time? You might be wondering why I am devoting an entire blog to this bitch if I hate her so much. I am one of those lame internet people who sit behind their keyboards and type mean things who is jealous, etc etc. I am not denying that her body is Out. Of. This. World. Amazing. But I'm sick of having her shoved in my face by Hollywood and the fashion industry. There are so many others who are more worthy! (In this blog I have only outlined a few. It just so happened that's who's pictures I felt like looking at tonight - but there are oh so many others.)

Compare for yourselves:

This is who they're telling us is a style icon. Please. Like, we know your body is banging, please stop trying to remind us at every opportunity, it is unnecessary. It does not make you a style icon. Note in the last pic she is actually holding the split of her dress apart, in case you missed it.

But hey! The sole purpose of this post is not simply to be a Debbie Downer. I can be positive too! I like people! These next lovely ladies are not necessarily the MOST talented actresses or MOST stylish people everz in the world but every single one of them is a better option than Blake Lively. I can't wait until she realises that her tits won't get an Oscar, or even the roles she wants. Memo to Boobs: mumbling through every scene and not moving your face does not equate to good acting. Even Kristen Stewart is better than you. Yeah, that's right. And she dresses better too.

Kristen Stewart


Leighton Meester
I think it is criminal that BL's career is better than Leighton's right now (but I hear she's pretty good in the upcoming 'Country Strong' - wouldn't be hard to act in love with Garrett Hedlund though). Leighton is not only more stylin' but she is infinitely more versatile. I love her.

Like, she's just BETTER. Congrats on your Vera Wang campaign Leigh-Leigh!

Emma Stone
So much fucking love. Emma is not only versatile and amazing on the red carpet but also onscreen. Girl can act and she is endearing and funny and normal-like. I think this is her year anyway. Spiderman (WITH MY MAN ANDREW GARFIELD) should elevate her profile. If only SHE was banging Ryan Gosling instead...but the stars, they don't always do what we want. Dang.

Carey Mulligan
Duh. Carey is obviously the cream of the crop. There's no comparison really between her and Blake and yet Blake thinks she is worthy of the same roles. She is going up against all these girls - Mulligan, Knightley, Portman - and thinks she is in the same league. Bitch, please.

See how in comparison Blake just seems full of Try? (Well put Lainey). So to Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld I want to say: stop pushing it. We don't buy it, any of it - her style icon-ness or her talent. So stop shoving her in my face. To her agents: find her a nice fluff piece and stop embarrassing yourselves by campaigning for roles like Daisy.

Sit DOWN Boobs Legsly.


  1. I agree! I'm tired of her, i admit that at first I loved her, but now I can't stand her, her personality is like a spoiled little girl, her "style"; have money to buy nice clothes doesnt make you a style icon, and her acting, or better, she playing herself. And well i don't like stewart, she's always with that "I didn't comb today" attitude, but of course she did!
    I have seen your older posts and i love your blog, i discovered you, with the jake gyllenhaal and taylor swift one and you made me laugh so much, and than i found this post, I'm surprised that there's no comments!

  2. I forgot: The first carey mulligan image, where she is crying, what's the name of the movie?

    1. Hi! I'm so sorry I only just saw your comments! I've been a bit lax with my blog but I'm endeavouring to update more, now that I know people still stumble onto it haha. Thanks so much for your sweet compliments :)

      And I'm pretty sure that's Carey in Bleak House? I could be wrong though...