Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"No seriously, say it again"

Okay, obligatory Gossip Girl post. I can't seem to keep my frustrations to myself whenever I watch Gossip Girl. So rather than rant on facebook, I am venting on my blog. Words cannot describe how much I hate Blake Lively (how unfortunate then that I should try and articulate said hate in a blog).

The fucking mumbling and slurring of her words; the pout; the grating, fake four-year old laugh (; and the constant tits out and bad plastic surgery (nb: you still look like a Tranny, B). Exhibit A (not that you need further evidence):

Everything about her is simply unbearable! Yo Gossip Girl peeps, this is a little something I want you to consider: STOP trying to make Serena happen, she's not going to happen! Can't they kill her off already? It will still provide drama and ratings, only we get to watch the divine Blair deal with it, rather than deal with Serena herself.

Speaking of Blair/Leighton Meester...I. LOVE. HER. Truly, she deserves the spotlight over the shit and bland and shit Blake Lively any day. She is gorgeous, funny, more versatile, and always dressed to perfection. She is immac. I mean, just look:

And my personal fave:

PLUS she is more engaging than Serena. Not to mention funny and one half of one of the greatest t.v. couples ever. GG writers, on top of my Serena death-wish, I want more Chuck/Blair screentime.

Also, this person's top 10 moments are pretty bang-on. For your viewing pleasure:

And my favourite scene, EVER (embedding diabled so go look here):

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