Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yesterday, like many around the world, I discovered that Alexander McQueen had died at the age 40. The world became more interesting and beautiful when he began creating. My heart has been dully aching since I heard the shocking news. My mother found it difficult to comprehend that I would have such intense feelings for a designer, for somebody I never knew (she did grudgingly admit it was nothing when compared to my reaction following Heath Ledger's death, as well as the strong feelings I continue to have since that event).

But he was a genius. The world lost a genius yesterday. As sad as it is that he, an individual, is gone, I am also conceptualizing a world without Alexander McQueen and that is depressing as shit. The clothes, the shoes, the jewellery, the attitude, the genius behind it all. This is a tiny, insignificant tribute to one of my all-time favourite designers.

McQueen, the world will greatly miss you and your vision.

Not only transferable to the red carpet, but just as striking and recognisable.

from the armadillo shoe... the perfect pair of flats. He did it all.

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