Monday, February 15, 2010

50 more views (for now).

Yo, I want 50 more views of my blog, that would bring me to 1000 (!!!!!!!!!) views. And I want to feel better about myself. Do itttt. Tell your friends. Read it, spread it, love it like a sexy disease!

Furthermore, the epic shoe post kinda morphed into the Alexander McQueen tribute. Basically 90% of the shoes I was going to post happened to be Alexander McQueen, so that took its natural course. I feel like doing an epic something post though. Maybe I'll wait a bit more for some inspiration and do a shoe post eventually. We shall see. Am I leading you on a little bit? I am, I'm a cock/vagina tease.

Oh wells. What else is new? I am very very bored right now. Had a blissful day (aside from work and gym in the morning). Everybody was out all day, I was home alone (thus yielding MANY temptations but I am still largely on my health kick. No carbs after 4pm, less meat, cutting out as much sugar as possible, etc etc) and I watched season 3 of 'The L Word' and 'The Itty Bitty Titty Committee' AGAIN. While that movie kind of shat me, I am obsessed with Daniela Sea all of a sudden.

That movie kicked me in to gear I guess, I never really got into her during TLW, but I am so on that bandwagon now. Also, really liked her coupled with a very sexy Carly Pope. Hot hot hot. I feel a new obsession coming on...YAY. I am getting a bit, well, not bored of my old ones, but am finding them slightly uninspiring.

Therefore, bring on Daniela Sea. On an L word related front, in the past, it has been Shane, only Shane (aka Kate Moennig) with a splash of Tasha (Rose Rollins). But now, I want to create some new daydreams for the many lives I lead in my head. We have a problem though: my dear Daniela is a vegan. Not very compatible on that front. Don't even know if I can convince her to eat meat even in my dreams. Dilemma.

P.S. Am I the only person on the planet that hates Carmen/Lara? ugh.


  1. Hi Aphro...well, you can make that 49.

  2. oh thanks az! you are the best. And it's down to 40. woo!