Thursday, October 8, 2009

retail therapy

So today I got an essay back (the one I wrote on Rihanna and Douche Bag) and I got 74%. Yes, I have been going on about it a bit. I just want a DISTINCTION dammit. So close! I'd rather have a 70. Kind of. Maybe. Anyways to get over this little disappointment (I'm sorry Rihanna, I didn't do your fierceness justice), I indulged in a little retail therapy. I guess it helped but I didn't really get to enjoy it due to my mad rush (need to pack for Wagga, read through my sociology of terror sources, dry and straighten hair, etc).

Well, except this purchase. I enjoyed this simply because I waited so fucking long for the money to enter my PayPal account. BECAUSE I had to wait so long, the purchase of my Tegan and Sara album pre-order that comes with their 3 new books, was especially sweet.

Also bought stupidly cheap undies (that's what my bum looks like in them too. I swearz. I liez. Add that to my want list.)

finally went and picked up my True Blood dvds. Can't even watch them though as I have all the above activities to panic through. No time to chillax.

$44.45 worth of magazines. Okay, this bundle made me feel good too. Yay. Don't judge me though, this is all for the 7 hour train ride on Sunday. I refrained from buying even one magazine ALL WEEK for this reason. It was so tough.

Lastly, I want more of this. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm going to need more retail therapy in the near future and that doesn't work if I don't have any of THIS.

Fucking sigh. Oh well at least I have my T+S bundle to look forward to. I never get mail let alone packages!!!

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