Sunday, October 4, 2009

coincidence? I think not

I mean, I don't know what it would be other than a coincidence but it is really weird. I haven't even started talking about what I wanted to talk about. Am I high? No. I'm getting to my point.

You know like, when you read a book, or watch some snippet of a something or other or SOME SORT OF INFO gets into your head from an outside source that you previously had not heard of/taken any notice of/did not know? And then AFTER you have become aware of it, like on the very same day, you come across something else totally familiar to you that references that thing you didn't know about earlier in the day? And it seems freaky and crazy and all of a sudden it's everywhere?

Well that happened to me today. And I just wanted to talk about it. Coz I wonder if it happens to anyone else. Yesterday I read "The Princess Diaries: Seventh Heaven" (i.e. the seventh installment) and there was a part when one of the dudes (J.P.) wanted to meet this crazy cool film director, David Mamet. I do not know who David Mamet is, nor did I have any intention of finding out. He didn't even pique my interest. And then today after a loooong absence of new Tegan and Sara vids in my life, I watched their recent show at Rifflandia on youtube

And Sara talked about David Mamet. I love when this happens. This probably is not even interesting to anyone but me. BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN WHEN THAT THING HAPPENS?

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