Monday, May 7, 2012

Evangelista for the win

If you follow celebrity gossip, fashion, are alive, etc, you may have heard about the current trial between Linda Evangelista and her ex-boyfriend Henri Francois-Pinault. They were together for four months when he dumped her for getting pregnant. He then requested that she get an abortion (these aren't my assumptions, he has admitted to both these facts in court). She opted to have the baby - her first, at 41 years old.

The trial is kind of a big deal because she's asking for $46,000 a month in child support (it would be a landmark case if she is successful). She's been branded a gold digger, selfish, unreasonable, etc. She does, after all, earn $1.8 million a year. Pinault earns a $5 million salary and he and his family are worth an estimated $13 billion. That ain't no typo, that is indeed billion. He also has a child with Salma Hayek, who he rekindled his relationship with soon after finishing it with Evangelista. Hayek soon got pregnant herself. They got married, and she had the baby.

Evangelista had had her son, Augustin, at this point but was not receiving any child support for the first few years of his life (he, like Hayek's daughter Valentina, is now 4). At the time, Pinault and Hayek were having some troubles with their pregnancy, believing their child to have Down's Syndrome. He asked L.E. to post-pone the trial during this stressful time. She acquiesced. He did not offer any financial support.

I can understand why many would see L.E. as a money-hungry gold-digger, trying to get hers. I can also understand that this would seem like an inordinately large amount of money for child support (for nannies, bodyguards, etc).


Valentina, Pinault's 'legitimate' daughter with Hayek has a multi-million dollar trust fund already set up in her name. She also has a house worth $12 million that she is set to inherit when she turns 18. Not to mention the current status of her lavish lifestyle which she reaps the benefit from, and the luxuries Pinault heaps on her daily. He neglected to buy his son a gift for his last birthday and 'doesn't recall' what he bought him for Christmas.

Pinault does, however, spend approximately $260,000 on WATCHES for HIMSELF each year. He has a personal collection. But he can't shell out $46,000 a month for his CHILD. This is petty change to this douchebag.

L.E. is asking for a lot, and the kid probably doesn't need $46,000 each month. But as Pinault's other child, he is entitled to what Valentina gets. Who the fuck is Pinault to decide which offspring is worthy and more important? They're both yours, you douche. Sell a few of your watches, maybe?

Anyway, go Linda go! #getmoneybitch

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