Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Joan's face

If you've got the 'Mad Men' bug/have a human pulse you're probably a bit in love with Joan. She is a total sex-bomb. Which you know, because you have eyes. And if you don't, I'm sure you can feel her sexy energy radiating at you from your computer screen. But guess what? You too can look like Joan! You CAN. If you want to feel a bit extra sexy-pouty today, Joan-ify your makeup and you'll be struttin' in time.

Makeup is so fun. It really really is. And if you, like most of my gorgeous lady-friends, rely heavily on a pencil eyeliner/mascara/foundation uniform, you should try something different every now and then. If you want. I mean, I'm just saying, sometimes dressing up and changing your face a bit makes you feel so much better. And I'm going to tell you how to do this.

The inspiration: 

The tools: 

Lancome Hypnose mascara (or Maybelline Falsies)

Sephora cheek and lip stain (any will do - The Body Shop does a great one, as does Benefit)

Rimmel Exaggerate liquid eyeliner

Benefit Boi-ing concealer

 Napoleon China Doll foundation

Laura Mercier lipstick in 'Mistress'

The Method:

Relax, it's easy I promise, don't run away because of the liquid eyeliner (it's optional anyway). Also, it's wicked-long coz I bang on a bit, not coz that's how many things you have to do. Stay with me. 

1. Moisturise and prime your face. I don't care what you use, I'm not a product Nazi with the ultimate opinion on everything. Your preference totally counts too. Hah, but seriously, I like First Aid Beauty Repair Day Cream and Laura Mercier foundation primer. In case you were wondering. Don't forget to prime your eyelids too. Laura Mercier does a great one or go for the famous Urban Decay eye primer.

2. Apply your foundation all over your face, including eyelids. While I normally rock Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua on a daily basis, Napoleon's China Doll (or any other similarly matte foundation) will do a better job for this look. You will also greatly benefit from a flawless base here. Take care of your skin. Or at least make it look flawless. 

3. Go back and conceal what needs to be given a little TLC. Boi-ing is a great concealer because it covers blemishes ('heinous pimples') like a dream AND can be used under the delicate eye area. Also, it's important to eradicate any redness/capillaries because the lippy is a reddy-pink-coral and will highlight any red/pink tinges in your skin so you want them gone. 

4. If you want to liquid-line your eyes, now is the time. I personally prefer a felt-tip pen-type liner, but if you like gel + brush application you may also do that. Keep it close to the lash line, make the line a bit thicker above the centre of your pupil, and extend out to complete the flick. Use sticky tape (extending out from your lower lash line) to help keep the line straight if you want.

5. If you choose not to line your eyes (very pretty daytime look) apply mascara now, like a demon. 

6. Grab a cheek stain (or any berry-coral-etc coloured blush you can find; a stain just looks really clean and flawless) and apply a thin line to your cheek - use fingertips to LIGHTLY blend it into the skin. Apply again if need be, but you're just going for a soft flush so you don't look dead.

7. FACT: This is the EXACT lipstick worn by Christina Hendricks/Joan on MM. Tap your finger on the end of your lipstick and press the colour into your lips with your fingertip. This kind of application warms up the product on your skin so it really melts in and stays there. Once you have a sort of soft-stained effect you can leave it be and start your day, or you can apply another coat directly with the lipstick for a more 'done' look.

And then you're done. Seriously. How easy. I bet you look pretty. 


  1. Aphhhh - wanna do my makeup for a ball this weekend????? I had to pay for the ticket/get my hair done/buy a dress/let my trainer kick my ass and so there's no room in the budget for my usual $90 mecca attack....

  2. Ahhhhh what day/time? For once I am actually pretty booked this weekend... :( Would love to get my hands on your blue eyes/blonde hair though, I'm sick of my boring brown-everything combo.