Thursday, March 8, 2012

My sanity...

So. Turns out watching Criminal Minds til all hours of the night, with your own pre-established anxious OCD tendencies in place, is a bit of a stupid idea. Consequences may involve lack of sleep, hallucinating strange men trying to kill you and standing over your bed, watching you sleep. Not exactly the makings of a peaceful night's sleep.

This show is addictive and hard as I try I cannot stop watching. In the past 24 hours I've bought 3 more seasons. I am self-aware enough to realise that I'm not exactly changing my situation (one could say I am exacerbating it...) so I deserve all my schizophrenic bouts of paranoia. But seriously it's gotten so bad, I'm wary of everybody. EVERYBODY. I imagine snipers on buildings, strangers on the street who approach me as murderers (no seriously, I had to stop myself running away from a middle-aged man who said "good day" to me on the street), I've even started spying on my new neighbours to see if they're weirdo psycho killers. And then I realised, if I can see them THEY CAN TOTALLY SEE ME!

Oh my God. My breathing is out of control. I love this show so much. But I'm scared of the dark, I think there are people under my bed and in my closet...and these idiosyncrasies were present before I became a fan of this show. Goddamn. If only the people in the show weren't so darn adorable and witty. This isn't just a murder crime show (which I would love anyway), but the people make it so much more than that.

I want to marry Spencer Reid. I want a relationship like Morgan and Garcia have (but I'll settle for just a Morgan). I want a Gideon to give me wise life advice. I want a Hotch-like stern, reasonable, overseeing presence. I also totally want nothing to do with any of them because oh my God, I would totally be murdered for sure if I had such strong ties with all of them. Held hostage and tortured at least. Which would obv be worse, I would clearly NEVER have a full nights'  sleep again. It'd be worth it though. I love these characterssss!

So I keep watching.

And looking over my shoulder.

And under my bed and in my wardrobe and into rooms as I pass and alleyways and INTO PEOPLES' WINDOWS.

This has to end.

Can't wait until S2 and 3 arrive though. After all, now that I'm all caught up on Gossip Girl (HI, THANKS WRITERS, CLEARLY YOU HAVE BEEN LISTENING TO ME, I AM IN HEAVEN) I have no other distractions. Woo! (Except for Survivor. But that can wait. I have too many shows.)

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