Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A piece of Taylor Kitsch

I have a new love. His name is Taylor Kitsch and he stars in 'Friday Night Lights' (which, incidentally, I also love). His astounding beauty and smouldering eyes and RIPPED body have become my main comfort in my current distress. After setting my alarm, getting my gym clothes ready from the night before, leaving the insane comfort of my bed in a quiet empty house that I could have otherwise savoured, I dragged my ass to the gym this morning.

Within one minute of being there I had rolled my ankle. I have been in absolute agony all day, have been to the doctor (who believes it's not fractured but a ligament may have snapped) and am going for an x-ray tomorrow. My doctor seems very wise and all (she told me to take something for the pain and the vodka worked a treat) but I'm not ready to happily accept the fact that my ankle is not fractured. You see, you may recall that last year I rolled my OTHER ankle and after two months of dull pain I finally went for an x-ray and discovered I had in fact fractured it and it was too late to fix it.

So excuse me for not rejoicing yet. I guess one thing I can be thankful for is that it wasn't that foot again.

ANYWAY. Taylor has been providing with me an indescribable comfort through this hard time. The boy is damn adorable but he is not your average stud. Like, he is very sexy and makes your pants evaporate but he also has this cute lil smirk that melts my cynical heart. I think TK is one of the most beautiful people on the planet. His greeny-hazel eyes...those lips...arms...everything. He is so swoony! Also apparently he's very (surprisingly) intelligent and sensitive and was going to become a pro-Hockey player. Seriously. Isn't that the best combination of attributes? It's like somebody created him to be the The Perfect Fictional Man. But according to Lainey, it ain't fiction.

YEAH, HE'S NICE TOO. Jesus Fucking Christ.

So, ready for some Taylor Kitsch picture porn? I am about to spam the shit out of this page so prepare yourselves.

Friday Night Lights
This is where the love started. He plays my ideal fictional male: stand-offish, a bit rude, witty and surprisingly loyal and good. You know. The one you think you can reform and change but secretly like the way he is. Like Brian Kinney. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.

P.S. I'm only up to Season 1 so NO SPOILERS THX. And I hate Lyla. Tim can do so much better than that whiny little ho.

'The Covenant'
I've never heard of this movie and I've never seen it but, um, I think I should.

Random Photoshoots, many of which involve Taylor Kitsch shirtless
I hardly think this section needs much explaining. Enjoy.

While my future husband detests the paparazzi, he still looks so amiable when they catch him. Also, check out his versatility: from ripped jeans (and biceps) to a suit, TK shows he can be drop-dead gorgeous no matter what he wears. Or doesn't wear.

I look forward to the day he's undressing for me...

Er looking forward to 'Battleship' coming out

New Short Hair
This is what Taylor looks like now. Yes, apparently he CAN get hotter. Note: all these pics are from via

Yeah, you liked that didn't you? And because he is so damn perfect in this interview, here's a video too:


  1. Lovely post. One glaring error though. He's technically going to be MY husband, LOL. More correctly, my second husband - still have to ditch the first one, but meh... As soon as I meet Taylor, it's a done deal ;-)

  2. Hah! That's fine, he can be your second husband and my first. I am, after all, going to end up with Jake Gyllenhaal. It's all about compromisation. And biceps.

    P.S. Thanks for reading!

  3. "The Covenant
    I've never heard of this movie and I've never seen it but, um, I think I should."

    You just made my day, lol that cracked me up. Glad I stumbled across your blog :)

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  5. Yeah...if looks could kill. That's what that expression really means, right?

    It's way more than looks though, isn't it.

    Oh, wow, this is gunna post under my real name. I never go on online about boys like this. Oh well...