Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a job!

A REAL job! Eugh, it's awful this looking for a job stuff. Why can't someone out there just know all my good points and create a job for me that I will love and pay me a lot of money? Seriously.

For future employers:

- I have a degree (first class honours!).
- I am a team player (I don't want too much responsibility).
- I like people and can talk to them well.
- I have a wealth of celebrity knowledge. Truly, my brain contains more celeb gossip than anything else. It's organised in a back catalogue and I can tell you more about Reese Witherspoon's lovelife than some of my closest friends.
- I like looking at the internet. Clothes, shoes, jewellery, beauty products, celebrities - I can research the shit out of all of these things online.
- I am entertaining! Never shall your office be boring if you are looking for a self-absorbed narcissist who loves monopolising the conversation with the most current celebrity gossip.
- What may appear to be a 'limited' range of interests (read: famous people, fame, Hollywood, tabloids, etc) is ACTUALLY me being an expert specialist in an incredibly important arena. I speak truths.


P.S. Also, I am a fast learner. So if you want me to be more focused on sexy famous athletes, I will do my best to fast become an expert. No worries.

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