Monday, November 22, 2010

I got stuff!

Check me out, I am taking control of my life and making shit happen. Today, I bought heaps of stuff I have been wanting for ages and finally did soemthing about. Hellz yeah, consumerism is good for you. Check out how buzzed how I am!!! How can something that feels so right be wrong? Answer: it can't be.

So anyways, for ages I have wanted the Stella McCartney solid perfume necklace which you can continue to wear as jewellery even after the perfume is finished. I even asked my cousin to get it for me from Sephora when she went to Paris, but it had sold out. Imagine how sad I was when I realised it was also unavailable in Australia. BUT THEN by some sort of divine intervention I saw that David Jones had ONE LEFT and they put it aside for me. Of course, by today someone had already put it back on the shelf, but it was still there waiting for me. So I finally got it, after months of lusting over it. PLUS I made friends with the perfume lady and got shitloads of free samples. Yes man.

Also last week I happened to find the perfect tailored camel blazer. I did not have money last week but as I pretty much a hundred million things from this store every month, they held it for me for ages. As camel is the biggest thing in Europe right now next to Lady Gaga and the Royal Engagement, I knew I had to have it. Camel is, after all the new black. The one I got is sort of similar to this, but less dark camel, more light camel. Perfect for Summer and as it's slightly tailored, it is also the perfect upper-half companion to slouchy harem pants. This is how you do. (Except now I want an oversized baggy neutral blazer too. Hmm. I can has both right?)

And finally, 30 ROCK SEASON 4 IS OUT NOW! I have been waiting for a new season for foreverz. There is also a fresh 6-pack of cider in the fridge, and the sun is shining and warm. Monday, sorted.

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